Outline Fill (G36, G37)

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Re: Outline Fill (G36, G37)

#11 Post by babbler » 08 Aug 2013, 15:34

Alex wrote:No progress at the moment because we have other tasks.
You can change drill sizes in DipTrace before printing. It will take couple minutes if you use "Apply to" option in pad properties.
Oh, indeed :oops: . This way I can bypass gerber. Thank you very much Alex!

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Re: Outline Fill (G36, G37)

#12 Post by kreker47 » 25 Nov 2015, 06:01

novarm44 wrote:DipTrace uses G36/G37 apertures for polygons (pads and shapes).
Copper pours in DipTrace are made from lines at the moment, so they are exported as lines.
Is that still true?
I have problems with importing some gerber files to CopperCAM, because polygons contains thin lines and don't have mono-structure (G36 \ G37).

Is there any option to export surfaces as polygons, not lines?

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Re: Outline Fill (G36, G37)

#13 Post by Whyrly » 18 Dec 2019, 20:46

Did this ever get 'fixed' or updated?

I use CopperCAM too and it is almost impossible to do things quickly or well with copper pours being exported as lines.

Is there another way to resolve this?

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Re: Outline Fill (G36, G37)

#14 Post by Alex » 19 Dec 2019, 10:30

There is no update on the issue so far. We will reconsider the feature after releasing the next version.
Maybe you can search a CAM software that can make polygon conversion between raster and vector polygons.

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