Where oh where did my pattern go?

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Where oh where did my pattern go?

#1 Post by Qrper » 19 Mar 2017, 14:24

Okay, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer...

here's what I did.

I made a new component with a pcb pattern.

a bit rough, but managed to get it into a library and could select it from the schematic capture and design a pcb around the new pattern.


when I went to make another pattern, diptrace asked me to 'clear previous pattern, I said yes.

and the pcb pattern that I just got done making is GONE!

I can still use the part, the pattern is still there when I select it within the schematic capture, I can assign the old pattern to the component if I wish, but when I go into pattern editing, the pattern does not show up. Using find pattern doesn't seem to bring up anything.

so, is it still there? if so, how do i get it back?

or am i screwed and need to start all over?



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Re: Where oh where did my pattern go?

#2 Post by Tomg » 19 Mar 2017, 18:46

I'm not quite sure what you did, but if you still have the pattern on your PCB you can copy it from there to the User Patterns library of your choice. Here's how...
1) Launch the PCB Layout editor and load the PCB file that contains the new pattern.
2) Select the User Patterns library group and then select/highlight the desired target pattern library.
3) If the Pattern Editor is also open with that same target library selected, go to the Pattern Editor and select a different library name; otherwise the next step will be blocked.
4) Return to the PCB Layout editor and right-click on the needed PCB pattern (not its pads), choose "Save to Library" in the pop-up menu, select Add to "[target library name]" in the fly-out menu and click on the [Yes] button.
5) You should now find the new pattern name added to the bottom of the target library's pattern list.
6) Now you can open the appropriate User Components library file, select the desired component, re-attach the newly-saved pattern to that component (don't forget to select the same User Patterns library so you can find the pattern) and then resave the component library.

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Re: Where oh where did my pattern go?

#3 Post by Qrper » 19 Mar 2017, 23:18


by golly, I'll need to buy you a drink.

that did it. i now have the footprint back into the editor pattern library.

Whoa, that save me a ton of time as i thought for sure I'd have to start from scratch.

thanks again. many times over


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Re: Where oh where did my pattern go?

#4 Post by accelmotion » 25 Nov 2019, 17:48

Looking for the same thing, and also worked great for me.

Thanks Tom

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