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"Additional Fields" can duplicate Standard Field, thus foot holes!

Posted: 12 Dec 2018, 19:13
by ReverseEMF
I discovered the "Export to Eagle" feature -- WhooHoo! Nice!! Thank you!

One little problem, though. On my first test of this feature, Eagle balked on the following error:
Loading D:/Docs/ElectronicProjects/BatteryManager/BatteryManager_L200C/CAD/Schematic/DipTraceToEagle/BatteryManagerL200C_11_assemblyReady.sch ...


line 2323, column 96: redefinition of name 'DATASHEET' in tag <attribute>
Upon inspection of the Eagle conversion target file, I saw the following two lines [lines 2322 & 2323] which told the whole story:

Code: Select all

<attribute name="DATASHEET" value=""/>
<attribute name="DATASHEET" value=""/>
I do a lot of my own patterns and components [mostly to make SMD parts easier to hand solder -- ala, SchmartBoard]. As such, I'm possibly more inclined than most, to utilize the "Additional Fields" feature. Which I do, but never to add Datasheet URLs -- I use the Standard "Datasheet" Field for that. So, TWO mysteries:
  1. How the heck did a second Datasheet field wind up in the Additional Fields section!?!
  2. Why the heck can this happen? The fact that this is possible leads to the kind of foot damage [i.e. "shoot one self in the foot"] that I incurred during my little test. It should not be possible to duplicate field names, if this will lead to an Eagle CAD interpretation error.
BTW: By editing out the duplicate Attribute from my Component, using the Component Editor, and doing a new Export, I was able to load the converted schematic, successfully, into Eagle CAD! So, again--WhooHoo!!

Re: "Additional Fields" can duplicate Standard Field, thus foot holes!

Posted: 14 Dec 2018, 04:25
by Alex
Thank you for the report. Could you send DipTrace schematic file for verification and we will export and investigate Eagle file.