RJ45 Keepout area

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RJ45 Keepout area

#1 Post by KevinA » 03 Jan 2020, 11:39

I needed a RJ45 Vertical connector and found a 85511-5001 Molex that would work, in the DT library under Con Jack I found 42410-8312 which matched the holes so I modified the silk screen to match the 85511-5001 Molex
Molex has the area under the connector as Keep Out, all of it, to me that means no traces on the connector side of the PCB. That is a lot of PCB wasted! Anyone dealt with this before? This is not a high plug in design, once it's plugged in that is it.

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Re: RJ45 Keepout area

#2 Post by PaulNewf » 11 Mar 2020, 10:50

If you put components under the connector it may not sit flat, and any mechanical supports may not lock into the PCB (i.e. plastic posts).
If the part is plastic then Traces under the connector should be fine.
If the body of the part is metal then traces under it may arc to the body if the PCB coating is compromised/scratched during assembly.
Safe is to keep everything on other side of board.

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