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Posted: 27 Sep 2021, 11:24
I'm working on a project that will use a Raspberry Pi Compute Module. On my board I will need two 100 pin connectors. These two connectors need to be placed very precisely with respect to each other, in order to align with the module. Is there a good way to handle this in DipTrace. I can think of two options and I'm not in love with either, because they could easily produce errors.

Option 1:
Create a library component for the connector. Place both connectors in the schematic, and when working on the PCB be very careful in their placement, and ensure they are not moved after placement. This option works well, in that the BOM and Pick and Place files are correct and is the method I'm current using. I don't like it because of how easy it can be to accidently get the connectors' placement wrong. In addition, I can't create a footprint for the module that has the correct silkscreen, courtyard, assembly drawing etc.

Option 2:
Create a library component for the module, and a corresponding footprint, that has the correct pads for both connectors. This method ensures the pads for the two connectors are always located correctly, allows the "module" to me easily moved and shifted on the board for optimum placement, and has the correct silkscreen, courtyard and assembly info. The problem is my BOM will only show 1 component, and the Pick and Place file will only have coordinates for a single component. If I use this method I have to manually add the second connector to the BOM and its location PnP file.

Is there a way to easily manage a module footprint that requires the use multiple connectors? A way to create the footprint as a single component but that will include the multiple connectors in the BoM and PnP file?


Re: Modules

Posted: 28 Sep 2021, 07:08
by Alex
I would suggest the option 1. You can use dimension tool to display and control the distance between connectors. And you can lock the connectors to protect from moving by accident.
The option 2 is appropriate too but you will get one component in BOM and pick&place.