Diptrace Pick and Place reorientation for components placement

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Diptrace Pick and Place reorientation for components placement

#1 Post by tomthumbblues » 28 Nov 2021, 09:08

Is there some way in Diptrace to re orient the particular direction a specific component is placed as in the pick and place file readout .
The problem I encounter every time I submit an order for SMD PCB population at JLCPCB, is that all the SMD electrolytic caps and most all the SMD transistors also sometimes the tantalum caps are all placed backward as shown on the JLCPCB populated PCBoard preview image, contrary to the Diptrace readout.
Therefore each time I find myself needing to re orient these components from Diptrace original orientation to be reversed so as to match the JLCPCB criteria.
Not sure why? if perhaps it is JLCPCB operate on a different level to Diptrace standard orientation, or if it is these components all need customizing orientations to match some particular standard. All help and advice greatly appreciated. Cheers, Trevor

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Re: Diptrace Pick and Place reorientation for components placement

#2 Post by Alex » 29 Nov 2021, 08:45

Patterns in standard libraries have default orientation according to IPC-7351C standard. If JLCPCB preview uses different default orientation of some components (or you use custom or imported libraries created by different standard) then misalignments between P&P file and JLCPCB preview may happen.
Please read this topic viewtopic.php?f=16&t=14320&p=31286&hilit=jlcpcb#p31286 and attached file. It seems the problem is on JLCPCB side and they may fix it someday.
Could you share your board file for verification? Do you have the problem with components from standard or custom libraries?

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