SnapEDA search not fully functioning

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SnapEDA search not fully functioning

#1 Post by drsnaut » 14 May 2022, 08:49

Hello, I'm trying to place a component (the SRC4192) into my schematic through SnapEDA search function.
This component is availible on snapeda itself, so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

Would it be a suggestion to add a 'manual' function, where you could insert the snapEDA url to find the component?
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Re: SnapEDA search not fully functioning

#2 Post by Alex » 16 May 2022, 01:38

DipTrace automatically excludes unusable items from search result at SnapEDA. You can see on SnapEDA web site that datasheet, footprint and 3D model are available for SRC4192. But component symbol is not available. Therefore there is nothing to show in search result in Component Editor or Schematic.

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