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Feature request

#1 Post by KuifjePDX » 21 May 2020, 02:28

As I was installing the new 4.0 release this morning and added the 3D libraries something finally dawned on me.

The 3D models are linked in the Pattern Editor to the pad layout. I understand it makes sense to link a 3D model to its corresponding foot print.

However, what if you have multiple components that have identical foot prints but different shapes? Surface mounted LED's would be a good example but I'm sure there are many more.

Would it be possible for the development team to explore the idea of providing the ability to link a 3D model in the Component Editor. If the link in the Component Editor is left blank the 3D model associated to the foot print in the Pattern Editor will be used, but if the link in the Component Editor points to a valid 3D model that model will be used in the 3D board view and export.

Thank you.

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