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1 minute periodic FREEZE -- provide options PLEASE!

Posted: 27 Mar 2016, 18:51
by ReverseEMF
I'm assuming the one minute periodic program freeze [toolbar goes blank for a second or five, then the whole app redraws!] is an auto save [which happens, it seems, even when there are no changes to save!]. If so, please provide the following options:

1. To extend the auto-save period. Like every 15 minutes to every hour, etc.
2. To turn auto-save off [I really don't need it, I, by habit, I save after every little change I make -- I was trained by a past PC that would Blue Screen two or ten times a day ;) ]

The 1 minute freezes are EXTREMELY annoying!!

Re: 1 minute periodic FREEZE -- provide options PLEASE!

Posted: 28 Mar 2016, 15:02
by novarm44
If it happens if there is no changes - this is not auto-save. Auto-save works every 10-15 editing steps (or how you configure it) and if you don't edit, it doesn't save anything. Looks like some quirks of OS/configuation/software, probably some Win 10 processes or monitors, maybe anti-virus.

There is no such effect on our office machines (Win 10 is on test configuration only, we do not use it for work yet, because of its issues). At home I'm working on Win 8.1 and Win 7, also installed Win 10 for test on the laptop I rarely use, so will try to work extensively on it (fortunately when discovered Win 10 quirks, recovery option was already unavailable and it is still there).

Re: 1 minute periodic FREEZE -- provide options PLEASE!

Posted: 01 Apr 2016, 06:24
by ReverseEMF
I learned about Recovery Options from another post. When I turned this off, the "freezes" happen FAR less often. Strangely, they do still occur, but it isn't nearly as annoying.

-- 02 Apr 2016, 13:25 --

I "spoke" to soon. The Freezes are still happening at the one minute rate, no matter what Recovery Option I try. I tried unchecking the "Enable Recovery" box -- still periodic freezes. I tried setting the "Autosave Steps" to a high number -- still periodic freezes.

This is SO ANNOYING it's pushing me to look for an alternative CAD offering [e.g. AutoTRAX or KiCad or ???]!!!

This started happening when I upgraded to Version 3.0. I don't remember what version I was using, before, but this WASN'T happening!

Re: 1 minute periodic FREEZE -- provide options PLEASE!

Posted: 23 May 2016, 08:12
by gmutch
I'm having the same issue, however its more like every 5 minutes for me. DipTrace 3 freezes for around 5 seconds and is unresponsive, then come right again.

Re: 1 minute periodic FREEZE -- provide options PLEASE!

Posted: 24 May 2016, 06:45
by MDman
Open up task manager and go to the performance tab. Open up resource monitor.
Open it up full screen and in the processes section select the cpu column to you can see which program is using the most cpu time.
And in the services section also select cpu.

Just make sure that when the freezes are happening, there is not some other process or service hogging the system resources.

Also, check that you have sufficient free ram and are not running in virtual memory.