Missing "apply Template" and "Multiupdate" on Components

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Missing "apply Template" and "Multiupdate" on Components

#1 Post by dipicorg » 29 Oct 2018, 03:35

Is there a Way to apply a Component Template to existing User Components or can that be done just by creating new Components?
Also is there a Way to change Properties of multiple Components in the Components Editor? Selecting multiple Components in the List is possible but the Properties just apply to the first one selected. It would be great, when for Example chnaging Pattern of multiple Components at once is possible. I use different Libraries as Catalog for my "Stock Parts" (Resistors/Caps etc.) with Deails, like Items on Stock or Media delivered (open/Reel etc.) and Datasheet linked. This helps designing Schematics, because You always know what Parts are available/needs to be purchased.

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Re: Missing "apply Template" and "Multiupdate" on Components

#2 Post by b_force » 29 Oct 2018, 06:22

I was just about to write a similar request for updating multiple parts.
It's a feature that I am really missing at the moment, since I have to update a bunch of older designs to new SMD parts.
Hand-selecting over 200 parts is almost undoable.

Best way would be via the "Design Manager" with control and shift, than right click and go to properties like you would do in the schematic.

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