Schematics: Multiple Replace Part...

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Schematics: Multiple Replace Part...

#1 Post by ReverseEMF » 21 Feb 2019, 16:42

Occasionally, I have the need to Replace multiple parts, in a Schematic. One example of this arises when I want to change a schematic, that is designed for hand-soldering SMD parts. Most of the SMD components, that I use, have two versions: one for hand soldering, and one for mechanical assembly ['cuz, that's how I designed them]. Currently, switching from one, to the other, is a royal pain in the tuckus.

In a manner, similar to selecting more than one Part/Component, and doing an "Update From Library", one would select all of the similar components -- such as all the resistors -- and then select Replace Part, and the action would affect all of the selected components. And, I can certainly see why this hasn't been implemented -- there are pitfalls. So, allow me to suggest this method:

1. Collect all the selected Parts/Components.
2. Group them by a new category that will be added, by DipTrace, to facilitate this feature. Let's give this strawman a name: "Component Class. The onus is on the User to know about this feature. If one or more of the Components they select, don't have a Component Class, the Replace Part will merely function as it does now: Only Replace the Part/Component that was last selected. The onus will, also, be on the User to follow classification rules [such as, all parts in a Component Class, must have the same Pattern, etc. [I'm sure this criteria will present, as this feature is designed].
3. Replace all of the Components/Parts in the Component Class, with the newly selected part.


How about this:
1. Collect all the selected Parts/Components.
2. Assemble them in a popup dialog box, with ways to associate a Part/Component choice, in a nice interactive form. Maybe, even, in the same dialog, have ways to associate multiple replacement parts, with one or more of the selected parts.

You know, like in the case when numerous [even unrelated] parts are selected and the Value field is clicked -- very nice dialog pops up and allows an item-by-item management of component values. Take that one step further, and make it possible to assign a change, to multiple items.
If left to evolution, would this PCB ever design itself, and what would the lead time be on that?

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Re: Schematics: Multiple Replace Part...

#2 Post by b_force » 26 Feb 2019, 17:47

This is also a feature I really have been missing a lot actually.

I have quite some older THT designs were lots of parts have to replaced for SMD parts.
We are talking about >200 parts in some cases.
At this moment this isn't really possible in Diptrace.

But what I rather would like to see is a table with all the components Refdes and other info in it and select plus change them from that table instead of going into the schematic.

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Re: Schematics: Multiple Replace Part...

#3 Post by Fatov » 05 Mar 2019, 15:03

I would also appreciate this feature very much.

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