Little things we'd all like to get fixed at some point

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Little things we'd all like to get fixed at some point

#1 Post by Jack_M » 04 Jul 2019, 06:21

I invite everyone to contribute. Please let's make this constructive by pointing out why it's a problem and how would you like it to be fixed.
I'd also say let's keep it to simple things that shouldn't need major modifications or this is going to become just another feature request thread where we keep listing the same things over and over again.

I'll start with two:
-Most file Export and import, I'd like to have a "smarter" guess at which folder to open by default.
This is very annoying to me: many times when i switch between projects and i have to export or import something The first folder the program looks at is not what it would be best.
I THINK it tries to start from the last known folderm and if it not available anymore it will default to documents or something. It is annoying because i have to navigate between many folders every time.
Possible Solution A: What would be better for me was if the last known folder was saved in a per-file basis... schematic A has its last path saved, schematic B has its own last path saved which will likely be different.
Possible Solution B: Otherwise, that would also work for me better than the current state of things, always start from the file's directory. (However I can anticipate this being an issue in gerber export for example. Solution A would be best)
And in any case default to the current file directory..

-Assembly Layer line thickness or a different order for default layers.
I'll break my own rule because i fear this will get the "sorry, major redesign" answer, however.
I am asked by assembly houses (but i also do it for myself) to provide a "designator file" which has the position of the various components with identification and indicators of direction.. possibly a way to see which components are not mounted.
Something more than just the silkscreen layer.. and also i never put designators on silkscreen, no space.
Diptrace doesn't have a tool to do it (which would also probably need a BOM management system). However, i got an acceptable result by using the assembly layer and "pattern border" option.
The problem i'm having is that i have always to annotate things because most of the times "pin1" or "direction" is clearly marked in the silkscreen, but it is covered by the pattern border.
Possible Solution A: Let us adjust the thickness for the assy layers
Possible solution B: Let us adjust the default layer order so that silk is drawn over assy and not vice versa


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