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NetPorts local to hierarchical block

Posted: 30 Oct 2019, 07:49
by Xeenych
Users often make use of net ports for power, gnd and other signal pins o simplify schematic apperarance. However net ports are global for entire schematic and all hierarchical blocks.
I'm trying to draw a schematic of a 16 channel signal aquisition system. Each channel is galvanically isolates from each other and main part.
So I have 16+1 different power nets and 16+1 different GND nets.

I'm using hierarchical block to draw a single channel and then add 16 channel blocks to the main sheet. I use GND and VCC netports in hierarchical block.
Then I get all 16 channel grounds and power lines connected to each other. This is very very bad.

So I shouldn't use VCC and GND net ports inside my hierarchical blocks.
To overcome this, I should assign a special name to local power net and local gnd net and tick an option to "display net name".
This works, but this is very non-intuitive and schematic looks very-very bad.

I wnat to have VCC and GND parts local to my hierarchical block, or to have some dummy part without pattern to represent a local VCC or GND. And this part should not produce warnings in PCB Layout and should not appear in BOM.

Please add an option to make a netport part local to a hierarchical block.

Re: NetPorts local to hierarchical block

Posted: 30 Oct 2019, 13:09
by Tomg
Have you tried right-clicking on a pin and selecting "Add to Net..." with the [x]Connect without Wire option enabled? This works for existing and new nets (click on the [+] button to create a new net)...

Re: NetPorts local to hierarchical block

Posted: 30 Oct 2019, 13:41
by Xeenych
Yes, this is another awful way to solve the problem