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Arrange Components by Proximity In Schematic

Posted: 24 Mar 2020, 23:43
by aglass0fmilk
I often use the "Arrange Components" tool to group all the components together (instead of just randomly everywhere as usually happens after converting a schematic to a PCB).

Usually what follows after that is sorting them into each subcircuit by proximity in the schematic.

It would be nice if the Arrange Components tool had some logic to how it grouped components. Right now it just seems to randomly arrange them in one big group. I suggest they be arranged into spaced out groups based on proximity to each component in the schematic.

Possibly not a commonly-requested feature but I think it would simplify layout enough to warrant implementing.

Re: Arrange Components by Proximity In Schematic

Posted: 26 Nov 2020, 03:30
by Alex
Thank you for the suggestion, we will consider it. This is in fact a kind of auto-placement feature.