Add routing to pattern editor

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Add routing to pattern editor

#1 Post by garytennyson » 08 Jun 2021, 16:11

I’d like to request the ability to route (connect pins) within the Pattern Editor.

Consider a custom pattern to accommodate components with different pin spacings. For example, a pattern might be needed to accommodate either the SOT-23 or the TO-92 package. (This is just a simple example, I’m looking at a similar issue with 26 pins).

I can create the combined patterns, and use the new ‘@‘ feature to group ‘like’ pins, but I still get ratlines in the PCB Editor that have to be individually routed. If there are many such occurrences on a board, this gets tedious. If the pins could be connected in the Pattern Editor, they wouldn’t have to be routed in the PCB Editor.


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Re: Add routing to pattern editor

#2 Post by Alex » 09 Jun 2021, 04:29

Thank you for the suggestion but we don't plan to add routing in Pattern Editor because it would require significant changes in file formats of all DipTrace files.

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