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Improve editing of buses

Posted: 02 Sep 2021, 11:46
by 0xdeadbeef
I used (address/data) buses a lot lately and found that while this is very helpful features, but I'd think there's room for improvement.

First of all, buses don't behave like normal wires, so it's visually impossible to tell if two intersecting buses (of the same of different type) are actually connected or not. In a schematic with e.g. intersection data and address buses, this makes it somewhat impossible to say if the buses are actually connected correctly just by looking at the (printed) schematics.

Now, when I try to split a bus into two sections (e.g. at an intersection with another bus) to improve the readability of the schematic, it's somewhat tricky to do that without losing a lot of bus connections.
The only way to do this properly seems to be to add bus connectors on both side of the cut and then use "delete wire" between the two lines. Afterwards, the additional bus connectors can (usually) be deleted again. It seems to work, but it seems rather awkward.
It would be great to have features like "split bus" or "connect buses" to split and merge buses of the same type automatically.