PCB Color Schemes in 3D view

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PCB Color Schemes in 3D view

#1 Post by SuppaTenko » 29 Dec 2021, 16:17

It will be cool to have some predefined color schemes in 3D preview. Some generic schemes for PCBs with green, red, blue, black, white mask and for mask-less DIY PCBs made with thermal transfer or photoresist. It's a bit irritating to change colors by hands every time I want to check how my project will look with different masks.
You can take JLC/PCBWay color options for reference.
And also it will be cool to have an ability to import *.obj 3d models. Sometimes I use tinkercad to make my custom models (mostly soviet components and hand-made transformers and coils). It can export models to stl and obj. Happy3D can convert it to valid *.wrl with colors, but it's not so comfortable because happy3d is glitchy, hard to find and almost no one in community knows about it.

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Re: PCB Color Schemes in 3D view

#2 Post by Alex » 31 Dec 2021, 05:48

Thank you for the requests, the first one is relative easy to implement, but *.obj format requires some investigation.

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