Schematic coordinates

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Schematic coordinates

#1 Post by mpaalanen » 05 Mar 2022, 04:56

Since the early stone age all technical drawings have had a set of coordinate grid references along the drawing border. So it is also with Diptrace sheets. You know, the column of letters left/right and numbers top/bottom.
The purpose of these is of course to allow indicating the positioning/routing of drawing elements when no physical connection is visible.
"Old style" schematics manage quite well without such grid references. Maybe most useful there to indicate connections between schematic pages. However, nowadays a "fragmented" style of chopping the circuit into tiny bits seems to be a thing. Worst case where you have a single cap with connectors at both ends. This is a lazy way of capturing schematics - personal opinion. The real issue as i see and this has bitten me, is that there is no easy way to enumerate the connections - the reference can pop up anywhere an arbitrary number of times and you never know unless you make an exhaustive search. That gets tedious pretty fast.

Sorry about the rant, the feature request based on this is: how big a deal would it be to add an annotation that lists all of the opposite end grid coordinates to a hidden wire node? This is standard in e.g. AutoCAD Electric, a tool i also use. Lacking this feature the coordinates are almost meaningless. Yes, you can annotate manually, but that is fragile and breaks the first time you move anything.

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Re: Schematic coordinates

#2 Post by Alex » 13 May 2022, 05:16

Did you try the design manager? You can easily find all nodes of selected net and jump to corresponding sheet on double click on selected node.

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