Importing Vector objects

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Importing Vector objects

#1 Post by SteveW » 15 Apr 2022, 16:57

I have been requesting this for a few years now, but there seems to be no action on it.

Please, please allow imports of vector artwork besides DXF. DXF is a terrible standard and every CAD and drawing package out there interprets it differently. I use Corel Draw for most of my artwork preparation. It is exceptional in its native format, but it is known to have issues when exporting as DXF. And trying to bring those images into Diptrace is frustrating at best. My latest attempts have failed miserably, and I am just trying to get a donut shape with an open middle into Diptrace. In Corel, it is perfect round circles but when exported as DXF and then imported into Diptrace, I get a multi sided polygon with a square in the center where the void should be round. I don't know where this corruption of a seemingly simple shape (circle, elipse, whatever you want to call it) is occurring but I don't know how to fix it.

I have exported postscript files from Corel (Adobe Illustrator, .EPS and .PDF). When re-imported into Corel they look fine. I have opened them in Autocad and they look fine. I have opened them in Inkscape and they all look fine. But the DXF export from all 3 packages create crap which is unusable for my needs.

All of the postscript filetypes are very similar, I am told all use simple text strings, as does DXF. I wouldn't think it would be that difficult to add an import function to accept one of them...... preferably Encapsulated Postscript (.EPS) which seems to have the most accuracy and flexibility. Or how about .SVG? That seems to be coming up in popularity and I believe the Inkscape software uses it as their base format as do many of the CNC machines as well as vinyl cutters and laser engravers.

How about it? Any chance or are we stuck with the defective DXF only.

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Re: Importing Vector objects

#2 Post by Alex » 17 May 2022, 00:57

Thank you for the request.
We can't develop of import proprietary binary formats. But text-based formats are possible to import. We will consider demand and possibility to develop the import of vector format.

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