More DXF file output options

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More DXF file output options

#1 Post by StevenGreen » 27 Jan 2011, 20:52

This probably won't have universal appeal, but it would make my life a little easier :)

I'm just getting into some CNC stuff. Something I would like to attempt is to create a solder paste stencil.

I've exported DXF files for the top solder layer, but the structures used in the file have proved to be challenging to deal with.

They won't import into my CAM software. I've tried importing to all sorts of intermediate programs to create shapes that the CAD program will recognize. One involving Visio seemed to work once, but I'll be darned if I cannot do it again.

I am guessing that the pads are some kind of filled shape, but most of these packages seem to like outlines. When I import them they don't even see the shape type.

An option to export the unfilled shape as an outline in the DXF file would make my life simpler.

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Re: More DXF file output options

#2 Post by Alex » 28 Jan 2011, 08:20

Ok, we will think about that option. Thanks.

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