Diptrace & OSX Sierra (10.12.1)

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Diptrace & OSX Sierra (10.12.1)

#1 Post by 13H » 29 Oct 2016, 13:28

did you test Diptrace on OSX Sierra?

I tried to install Diptrace on Sierra (10.12.1) by your instruction:

1) Install latest XQuartz (2.7.11)
2) Reboot computer
3) Download latest DipTrace ( and move it to Applications
4) Start Diptrace, but nothing happens ...

What I did wrong?

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Re: Diptrace & OSX Sierra (10.12.1)

#2 Post by Alex » 31 Oct 2016, 09:31

We have tested DipTrace on OSX Sierra 10.12.1 and it works fine. If DipTrace doesn't work on your machine please try to do the following:

1. Make sure the system has xQuartz installed. Otherwise download and install the latest stable version of xQuartz, logout and login.
2. Remove folder //Users/<macuserdip>/DipTrace if it exists. Otherwise do nothing.
3. Move DipTrace from Applications to Trash. Do nothing if there is no DipTrace in applications.
4. Open downloaded DMG file, drag DipTrace from there to Applications.
5. Open Applications, find DipTrace there and start the program.
6. The first start takes a while (more than usual). It shows Wine window during the first start informing about building the prefix then the window is closed and DipTrace is started.

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Re: Diptrace & OSX Sierra (10.12.1)

#3 Post by 13H » 05 Nov 2016, 10:07

Thanks, Alex, will try to do that.

-- 01 Dec 2016, 00:22 --

It really works, thanks again!

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