4k monitor display bug

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Re: 4k monitor display bug

#11 Post by KevinA » 14 Oct 2019, 10:52

doug12745 wrote:
01 May 2019, 01:03
When I got my 4k 27” display I expected more. In full resolution, the text is very clear, but also quite small and therefore useless for me with my middle age eyes. I suppose a 50” monitor would solve that :)

Another problem I discovered was that menu icons were very small, and I could not find a wat to enlarge them. Good luck with this.
Nope, with a 50" monitor you have to sit back from the monitor 5 feet or better making the fonts 'small'. I added a wall stand to get 35 degrees of vertical tilt and 45 degrees of rotation, I can place the monitor an equal distance left to right and tilt it to archive an equal distance top and bottom. It does make spread sheets easy to move around, at 4K BG columns and 94 rows vs AC/40 at 1080.
On the 50" display the scaling from Windows 10 doesn't work, Everything is at 4K, I can use the Magnifier tool in Start/Windows/Ease of Access to zoom an area or both monitors but the Settings/Ease of Access/Display only scales the 1080 display, not the 4K display.. Nvidia Quadro P4000 controller. https://www.inchcalculator.com/tv-size- ... alculator/

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