Text color black issue

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Text color black issue

#1 Post by Moris » 03 Jun 2020, 14:40

When text color set to black it shows black on paper but is invisible on black windows background.
Already reported for beta release

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Re: Text color black issue

#2 Post by Exality » 17 Jun 2020, 13:44

This is a problem for me also.

Printing text is also a problem in With the default text font color of Silver, it looks fine on a black screen background but the print is barely readable. It seems like there ought to be a "text" option in View / Colors / Print Colors, but there isn't.

Jack Easton
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Print black text from black background screen

#3 Post by Jack Easton » 21 Jan 2021, 13:22

100% agree with Exality.

I recently upgraded from Full 3.x to I use the black background schematic screen with manually added text set to silver for visibility on the screen. On ver 3.x silver was visible on a black background screen and printed in black for color or B&W prints making the printout readable.
Now in ver all the manually added text on my schematics prints as faint gray. If the text is set to black, it prints black but is invisible on the black screen. Unworkable.
Is this a bug that has occured in the ver 3 to ver 4 update that needs to be fixed or am I missing a setting that I can't find.

This could be solved if DT adds an additional selection in View>Colors>Print Colors > TEXT to use a selectable fixed color (default black) or the specified font color from the Font screen for each text entry. - As suggested by Exality
For more flexability, this could also be achieved in the text font popup screen by a simple addition. [Right Click] <UserText> > Font > Change text from Color to Display Color. Underneath add a similar line and color box labelled Print Color (Print color box is default black but user can change to match Display Color if desired).
This would allow users to control both print and screen colors of manually added text, solves the problem and is easy to understand.

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