Renew/Replace/Update bug

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Renew/Replace/Update bug

#1 Post by Tomg » 20 Mar 2021, 13:17

To my knowledge the "Renew Layout from Schematic", "Replace Component" and "Update from Library" tools do not update the related Mask settings on the PCB. The user should be given the option of bringing in the updated Mask settings, but as of v4.1.1.0 these three tools retain the current PCB mask settings without warning. This can be troublesome and confusing as evidenced by the number of posts from unsuspecting users complaining about mask settings not being updated. To me this shouldn't be classified as a missing feature, but rather a bug that should be eliminated by providing choices similar to what is shown in the following three examples...
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Re: Renew/Replace/Update bug

#2 Post by Alex » 22 Mar 2021, 06:18

This is rather feature request than bug report. We will consider your suggestion.Keeping either PCB Layout or library mask/paste settings is good idea.

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Re: Renew/Replace/Update bug

#3 Post by ruudwes » 17 Apr 2021, 18:15

I second this motion.. i've just spend a few hours trying to get certain parts like solder jumpers to not have a solder mask... i ended up setting them up in the pcb editor.
I too feel this is more a bug, as i can set the the paste/mask in the pattern however. If i set the (SMT) component to "no solder" in the pattern editor there is no way that there is no solder in de PCB editor.

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