Remove silkscreen

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Remove silkscreen

#1 Post by meobeou » 21 Jan 2019, 02:53

I'm developing a PCB that has a lot of components on a very small space. The PCB is a remote control with lots of buttons and some ICs and some other stuff. I have successfully ordered some PCB from the factory, but I now want the factory to also assembly many of the components on the PCB and I then realize that there must be no silkscreen over copper.

I have read this feature request thread "Remove silkscreen over copper" and I tried to activated the ERC check of silkscreen over copper. That shows the places with silkscreen over copper, but that doesn't help me at all.

My problem is that there is no possibility at all for me to manually reorder the layout to keep the silkscreen out of the copper. The PCB is too small and there is too many components on the PCB to be able to resolve the issue. Is where any possibility to get Diptrace to automaticly remove silkscreen over the copper? It should be a very easy thing for the program to do.

If that is not possible, is there a way to hide the silkscreen of some components?

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Re: Remove silkscreen

#2 Post by d1wang » 21 Jan 2019, 04:24

This is what I do:
- Select View > Component Markings > Main and then select RefDes
- Select File > Export > Gerber... and only export the assembly layer
- Select View > Component Markings > Main and then unselect RefDes
- Select File > Export > Gerber... and export everything but the assembly layer

So, for Gerber, the silkscreen only prints the component outlines and the assembly layer contains the RefDes

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Re: Remove silkscreen

#3 Post by Mermarinc » 10 Jul 2019, 08:16

Practically not possible to remove only the Silk screen print. If you clean the silk screen with a chemical, it will also affect the solder masking which is beneath it.

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