trace solder mask settings

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trace solder mask settings

#1 Post by Tomg » 26 Jan 2022, 12:58

Add a "Solder Mask Settings..." tool to the net/trace/segment right-click context menu to make it easier to open up a trace's solder mask for the purpose of adding solder to increase its current-carrying capability.
Selecting this option would bring up a trace-related "Solder Mask" submenu which would allow the user to...
* Easily open up (uncover) the mask of a net's selected trace segment(s), trace or all of the net's traces.
* Enter a custom solder mask swell setting to further widen the opening if needed.
* Quickly return the selected segment(s)/trace/net solder mask to its normal (covered) state.

As an example, the menu sequence could look something like the following...
The present method as recommended by DipTrace works, but it is also somewhat tedious, time-consuming and potentially imprecise.
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Re: trace solder mask settings

#2 Post by Alex » 28 Jan 2022, 10:02

Many users asked the feature, we will implement it in the future.

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