GPU for Diptrace running in Win10 Proxmox VM

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GPU for Diptrace running in Win10 Proxmox VM

#1 Post by mmarooth » 09 Nov 2023, 23:05

First post here, decades user of Eagle now a Diptrace convert!

So this may be a wee bit esoteric but here goes.....

My main dev box is a 2 screen Mac & I have tried running Diptrace on the Mac but have encountered issues with moving windows between screens. Got a ton of help from Diptrace but I still find it clunky. My solution is to run a Win10 VM in my Proxmox cluster (3 x Dell R710) and I can RDP into the VM on two screens no issue which is just fine. The "but" is that 3D rendering runs like a dog in the VM. Running Virtio-GPU is not an option as my understanding is this only works for Linux and I am trying to steer clear of Wine though have not tried it yet.

My current thinking is to install a GPU in one of my Proxmox servers and pass it through to the Win10 VM. I have a couple of x8 PCIe slots on the risers but space in the rack chassis is limited.

Just wondering if there is anyone else who might have a similar setup who might be able to recommend an appropriate GPU or suggest changes I can make to Proxmox or the VM to get it to render better. It's not the end of the world just really slow. I've 192Gb of memory and 24 cores in each of the Proxmox servers, I've thrown the kitchen sink at the VM but as you might expect, it makes little difference on the 3D front.

Would appreciate any suggestions. The one thing I've still to do is stop comparing Diptrace to Eagle though gridlines instead of dots would be really nice :-)



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Re: GPU for Diptrace running in Win10 Proxmox VM

#2 Post by KevinA » 16 Nov 2023, 19:36

A $6,000 GPU will make no difference.
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Many 5Ghz CPU's will make a difference with DipTrace along with 2TB of NVMe and 64GB DDR5 memory.

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Re: GPU for Diptrace running in Win10 Proxmox VM

#3 Post by playwell » 21 Nov 2023, 10:29

Considering your setup, upgrading to a GPU for passthrough to your Win10 VM could significantly improve 3D rendering performance. Look for a GPU compatible with PCIe x8 slots and check if your Proxmox version supports GPU passthrough seamlessly. NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro cards are often used for such tasks. Ensure your VM settings are optimized for graphics performance, and consider adjusting resource allocations if needed. Good luck with the setup!

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