This is stupid.

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This is stupid.

#1 Post by electronics-engineer » 02 Sep 2011, 16:32

Today I tried to answer someone who was complaining about the libraries.

I posted a simple answer, which consisted of:

"Did you request the parts at [ h t t p : / / w w w . d i p t r a c e . c o m / l i b r a r i e s _ r e q . p h p ]?"

"After you built your library, did you share it at [ h t t p : / / w w w . d i p t r a c e . c o m / f o r u m / v i e w f o r u m . p h p ? f = 1 9 ]?"

The forum software rejected my post with this error message:

"Your message contains too many URLs. The maximum number of URLs allowed is 1."

This is stupid. Many questions need more than one URL to answer them, but spammers are usually content to spam just one URL.

Also stupid: treating links to d i p t r a c e . c o m like other links.

(I even had to add spaces to the URLs just to post this!)

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Re: This is stupid.

#2 Post by Alex » 05 Sep 2011, 09:03

Admin said that he increased maximum number of URLs to 5.

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