Thank you DipTrace

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Thank you DipTrace

#1 Post by jgmdesigns » 17 May 2018, 11:34

You never appreciate what you have until you do not have it.

I have owned a DipTrace license for a couple years now and use it exclusively since the day I purchased it, coming from a part time EAGLE environment.

Well a very good client asked me to rework a board for them and sent me the files....EAGLE! Grrrr :x

I know DipTrace can import EAGLE files, but Eagle cannot import DipTrace, and the DXF option does not work so hot either. Client did say I could use D/T but I elected to purchase an Evil Empire license just for this one client as they would prefer to keep things in Eagle.....long story, but customer is always right....RIGHT? :)

Well all I can say is that using Eagle has been a painful reminder of why I despise EAGLE, and covet DipTrace. No realtime feedback to show what is connected to what on a schematic, no highlighting when laying out a PCB, no autoconnect on vias to name a few peeves from my long list. And for such a HUGE component library, not one part I use is in it which means I have to go into that awful, convoluted, and complicated component manager control panel. I have wasted four days fighting with EAGLE to do something I could have done in a few hours with DipTrace.

They should rename DODO.

Keep up the great work on a great product DipTrace.


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