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Play Online Action Games for PC at Manti Games for Free

#1 Post by Brooke » 01 Nov 2018, 00:06

Are you feeling dull due to your monotonous routine? Do you wish to go on a life full of adventure and action as Lara Croft from tomb raider? We have collected the finest of action free online games for pc at Manti Games. The site has the best action games to enroot you directly into the world of heart-pounding action. Let’s check them out here:

1. Death Squad: The Last Mission

Mission games are always thrilling. This game will give you a new perspective towards the survival and shooting skills. The design of the arena feels so real as if you are really into it. In the game, your helicopter crashes into an abandoned area of the enemy base. Helicopter crash is just the beginning; you and your team survive the crash. As they say, the real action begins behind the enemy lines. You and your team have to survive the attack from the enemy. While you have limited ammo and enemy are coming in waves. Hit more enemy to gain more points and gather the ammo and medical kit before the next wave comes in. It is a survival mission you need to hang in there till the last breath of your life. Gather all your courage for life-risking death squad.


It is one of newest .io games gaining a lot of popularity in a short span of times. The game aims to be at the top of the leaderboard. The game is the style of twitchy multiplayer shooter more like counterstrike mission game. If you have played counterstrike, you are going to love it. The game has several numbers of interesting maps to choose from. The maps are already having skin and spin system. has adventurist game modes which make it even more fun; modes like low-gravity, jump, infected and more. The fantastic news is game is still in beta mode, so you can think of the madness when the full version of the game is released. It is a promising game and it will not disappoint you.

3. Intruder Combat Training 2x

Ever imagined how fast artificial intelligence is growing; that it might take over the world one day. In this game, you have to fight against the artificial intelligence player. The game is pretty flexible it allows you to customize your outfit including from helmets to boots. The game has a friendly interface. The shooting is easy, but it will take a while to gain mastery over aiming. The game includes different pistols and guns. It runs smooth, and the good thing is that reloading the guns is quick and easy. The game has several modes such as gun game, deathmatch and team deathmatch; different modes will keep you interested for a longer time. The game becomes intense, and a lot more fun as keep playing. The war against the A.I. machines is must play.

4. Zombocalypse 2

If you are not into the intense shooting games, you can play the fun action game Zombocalypse 2. It is a refreshing mood game which guarantees entertainment. It is more like shooting the dead from the grave. You don’t want to be getting bitten by a zombie, so you better put your gun uptight and shoot them in the head. The game is pretty intriguing; boxes will be coming from the sky filled with the different pistol, guns, and even machine guns. Don’t forget to pick up your health and power that will keep you up and shooting. You can control the game with ease of left right and space key to change your weapon. You can use the combination of the keys to use kill-streaks. Be quick and kill them all.

5. Zombs Royale

Zombs royale is an addictive massively multiplayer online .io game. It is one of the most leading MMO game in trend nowadays. Get ready to battle the player from the other side of the globe. The game begins by throwing you off of the plane, be ready because as soon as you hit the ground battle begins. The arena is filled with 100 players, and you are completely on your own. The game is last man standing. Gather the gun and ammo as soon as possible. Don’t play out in the open field; you never know who might shoot you in the head. You have to be very cautious and play wisely; everyone is hungry for the kill. The game has great graphics and full of fierce rage. This fabulous multiplayer game is ideal for you to enjoy with your friend or loved one. Wait no longer. Give this one of the awesome free online games for couples at Manti Games a try and have fun.

6. Strike Force Heroes 2

It is a classic heroic game. The Strike Force Heroes 2 is a scrolling shooter game. You can choose your class of spaceship and fight against the super aliens. The game takes place in the space arena which is available in many customization and modes. You can choose long story-driven campaign mode or team deathmatch format. The alien’s shuttles will be coming in waves. Defend your spaceship strategically and kill the waves of alien’s ship using sniper, beastly handgun to kill the aliens and much more class of guns that will have to discover by playing the game.

7. Parkour Go 2: Urban

Parkour Go 2 is more like the upgraded version of its previous one. The game has better graphics, easy control and you can do stunts with no difficulty. The goal here is easy; you have to climb from one place to another and reach the highest redpoint as soon as possible. The game has ten challenging levels; with each increasing level game gets harder. Reach to the red point as fast as possible to get more points. The whole city is your playground; to win you have to risk it all.

8. Spring trap Rampage

This rampage game has an absurd yet amusing plot. It is about a robot who is dressed as a dog, weird right? Wait, there is more. The dog seeks to kill as many as security guards of amusement park where he is trapped. The game has decent graphics and controlling is easy with a keypad. As the name suggests, the game is full of violence and madness. You can heavy bloodshed and heavy metal. Give rampage a try and kill your time with it.

9. Surviv io

This revised version is more like its old classic game version having Battle royale format. It has its inspiration grounded in the god level game such as PUBG and Fortnite. It is top-down shooting MMO game having mind-blowing 2d graphics. Once you start playing this game, you full forget to the essence of time. This action game simply takes the player on a different level. You are playing online against the player from all over the globe which has been made possible because of .io revolution. You can always spectator the game if the other players have killed you. Play the game with the presence of your mind without disturbance to have the best experience of it.

10. Stickman Freestyle BMX

This is one of the most evergreen action games that never go out of trend. For the love of speed and flipping bikes in the air across the horizon, Stickman Freestyle BMX is the best action game. It has easy controls using a keypad. Using the combination of keys you can pull off a variety of crazy stunts and all this for free only on mantigames. Take a break and speed up the BMX bike.


All these action games are for free; we call it action at its best. You can play many more free online games for PC on Manti Games. The website has games in all categories from online action games to online games couples. The website has the most absorbing and entertaining games online completely for free. So, start the gaming now. Let’s visit our amazing site and click for more.
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Re: DipTrace bottom layer pad shape

#2 Post by Alex » 01 Nov 2018, 10:22

If you setup bottom layer as plane please change it back to signal layer. Through hole pads have round shape on plane layers regardless of pad shape on signal layers.

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