Recommend a manual SMD pick and place machine?

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Re: Recommend a manual SMD pick and place machine?

#1 Post by KevinA » 22 Mar 2019, 02:19 small runs they will last, price is right. ... ductronica they have the machines and they have parts to build ... structions OpenPNP roll your own with a 3D printer...
There are several machines you can 'build' but by the time you get one built with part feeders and vision you would have been better off (cheaper and working) with purchasing one from robotdigg or aliexpress - I'm building one using a small engraver CNC bed with one head, no camera. The boards I do are 50X50mm at the largest with 10~20 components ... with today's technology you can get a lot of parts on a very small PCB. I actually feel guilty only spending $3 for three. I will be spending more then the $100 I already spent on a real paste stencil printer that doesn't require 15 minutes of alignment every time you change a PCB, the sooner my printer becomes a door stop the happier I'll be..

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