Cost me a cycle

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Cost me a cycle

#1 Post by marknicolai192 » 04 May 2019, 00:46

HI all,
I had a 2X4 connector (HDRF-2x4T/2.54x2.54/11x5M and HDR-2x4T/2.54x2.54/10x5) that cost me a cycle, I didn't double check where pin-one ended up being after placement, when I fixed the pattern and updated the PCB everything blew up, my nets merged and renumbered. After a few hours of trying things I deleted the connector and placed the corrected pattern then hand routed the signals BUT the schematic nets now don't match the PCB nets, how do I get them back in sync?

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Re: Cost me a cycle

#2 Post by Tomg » 06 May 2019, 07:38

In the Schematic Editor try running the Back Annotate tool (File > Back Annotate...) to see if the net names get propagated back into the schematic. Be aware that the Back Annotate tool has its limitations. As stated in the help file, "This feature has limited functionality (only updates the reference designators, values and types of components, net names, and net classes) and is not capable to add new components or create new nets on the principal circuit."

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