Non-standard Graphics Interface Gets Me Everytime!

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Non-standard Graphics Interface Gets Me Everytime!

#1 Post by ReverseEMF » 10 May 2019, 17:10

I bounce back and forth between Illustrator and DipTrace, and each time I do, I have to relearn my power-user moves. Very frustrating. For instance, in Dip Trace, to Zoom In, it's the Mouse Wheel. For Illustrator it's Alt-MouseWheel. Grab and Move, in Dip Trace, is Hold-Right-Mouse-Button and Drag. In Illustrator it SpaceBar+Drag-with-Right-Mouse-Button-down!. And to switch out of trace drawing mode it's Right-Click. Whereas, in Illustrator, the closest analog is hitting the "V" key.

After an Illustrator session, I'm a Dip Trace menace, and weird stuff happens in Illustrator when I go all Dip Trace power user!

So -- the feature I would like to see added to Dip Trace, is the ability to re-map keyboard short-cuts. Or, for Dip Trace to come into compliance with the Illustrator de facto standard.
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Re: Non-standard Graphics Interface Gets Me Everytime!

#2 Post by DerekG » 10 May 2019, 20:19

ReverseEMF wrote:
10 May 2019, 17:10
the ability to re-map keyboard short-cuts
From the top menu choose:

Tools > HotKey Settings

You can remap most (but not all) keyboard shortcuts in DipTrace V3.
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