Manual Route Issues

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Manual Route Issues

#1 Post by harveyclayton » 02 Jul 2019, 03:14

I have been noting some strange events during manual routing. After about an hour of everything working fine, I route a trace manually from via to via. This time if I drag the trace image over another trace or via, the image becomes detached and resets the origin at that passed via or trace while still holding down the mouse button. This occurance will repeat for every trace or via I pass. If I just ignore this and finish the route to the desired destination, the result is correct. Has anyone seen something like this??

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Re: Manual Route Issues

#2 Post by Alex » 04 Jul 2019, 01:36

Maybe you press H hot key by accident. That hotkey activates (deactivates) highlighting of crossing traces and vias. You can press H again during manual routing to revert previous behavior.

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