The IPC-2581 standard?

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The IPC-2581 standard?

#1 Post by KevinA » 24 Aug 2019, 10:15

I received an e-mail detailing all the advantages of IPC-2581 such as one file to build a project but my issue is theft of IP, how do you send out everything required to produce a product and not have it stolen?
Is DipTrace looking into/at an IPC-2581 Export?

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Re: The IPC-2581 standard?

#2 Post by gedaso » 19 Sep 2019, 19:02

It would be nice if DipTrace did support IPC-2581B natively.

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Re: The IPC-2581 standard?

#3 Post by Alex » 20 Sep 2019, 09:18

Thank you for the suggestion. It seems IPC-2581 provides similar functionality as ODB++ or Gerber X2. If the standard becomes popular and supported by many manufacturers and CADs we will consider adding the export to our software.

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