Template for inverted text and symbols

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Template for inverted text and symbols

#1 Post by d1wang » 28 Aug 2019, 05:40

If you like your PCB to look good, this project is for you.

This is an ongoing project for inverted text in DipTrace: file on Google Drive

A preview:
Letter preview.png
Why this project:
  • Due to limitation of Gerber, it is very difficult to put artwork on a PCB, especially if the artwork is small
  • If you use copper pour trick to create inverted text, the closed region in letters like "P" and "o" may not fill correctly. (For this project, I have to manually add filled circle for 9 and 6)
  • If you want to do fancy trick such as gold text (text solder mask on copper pour), having templates make life a lot easier
  • Previewing your artwork would be easier too
The characters are similar to DipTrace's 8pt vector characters, but a bit narrower. Everything is lined up to 0.2mm grid, so alignment should be easy.

If you would like to have any character/symbol (but not copyrighted logo), please drop a note here.
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