Sheet size in Sheet Template

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Sheet size in Sheet Template

#1 Post by OldNortonBoy » 17 Mar 2020, 06:26

Hi All
I have created some A5 Templates from the original A4 Templates by going into File\Title and Sheet Setup and changing the Width and Height.
How do I ADD the new paper size to Sheet Size in the File\Title and Sheet Setup\Sheet Template\Border and Size Tab\Sheet Size?

Any help

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Re: Sheet size in Sheet Template

#2 Post by Tomg » 17 Mar 2020, 22:12

Hi Mike,
Here is one procedure which seems to work at the moment (could be wrong, though)...
1) Open the Titles and Sheet Setup dialog window, make sure "None" is selected in the Sheet Template: drop-list, click on the [Border and Size] tab and enter the desired dimensions for your new sheet template.
2) Click on the [Title Blocks] tab and select/set-up the needed title block.
3) Once you have finished designing a new template, click on the Edit Sheet Templates button [...] to bring up the Sheet Templates dialog window.
4) In the Sheet Templates dialog window click on the [+] button to create a new template name. It's default name will be "New". Click on the name "New" at the bottom of the templates list to display it in the Name: box.
5) In the Name: box type in a new name such as "A5 (Landscape)" and close the Sheet Templates dialog window by clicking on the "X" in its upper-right corner.
6) Back in the Titles and Sheet Setup dialog window you should find your new template at the bottom of the Sheet Template: drop-list. Select it to make sure all of your settings have been retained.
7) Click on OK.

Be warned that one of the characteristics of the current DipTrace title block tool is seeing your custom templates disappear whenever DipTrace is re-installed or upgraded.
Good luck.

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