Hierarchical Schematic to PCB Synchronization Issues

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Hierarchical Schematic to PCB Synchronization Issues

#1 Post by aglass0fmilk » 19 Mar 2020, 13:40

Hi all!

Recently purchased DipTrace Full. I am big fan of the software! I'm fairly used to all the UI already and it was very quick to learn.

Every now and then though, I run into a repetitive action that I think should be easier.

One I just encountered is this:

I have a complex schematic and decided to try using DipTrace's hierarchical features. I've seen a lot of reference designs from big companies use this kind of format in their schematics so I figured I would give it a try.

I have a few blocks that I use multiple times in my "Overview" sheet.

The problem I had was:

I went to start laying out the PCB and got critical components placed. Then I realized the breakout connectors I chose were 0.05in pitch instead of the standard 0.1in pitch! No problem I thought, just go into the schematic, replace the parts and then use the "Renew Layout from Schematic" tool.

This caused a bunch of problems, which I'm sure is related to the hierarchy stuff, including DipTrace complaining about a bunch of nets being "only 1 pin" (which they weren't) and automatically removing them, etc.

So my work around was to just replace the components in the schematic AND in the layout manually... somewhat of a pain but thankfully it was only a few connectors.

From my experience with the software though, I regularly rely on the "Renew Layout from Schematic" tool to make sure footprints I change while doing layout are reflected in both the schematic and the PCB. This issue makes that process a lot harder... all because I wanted to try a fancy new feature.

I like the hierarchical features but I think they need to be better integrated. As some other posts here have mentioned, it would be nice to be able to generate "flat" schematics (with all the duplicate hierarchy blocks enumerated out), especially when generating documentation.

Thanks for reading!


This project is going to be open source so I can post the files if that would help explain the problem.

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Re: Hierarchical Schematic to PCB Synchronization Issues

#2 Post by Alex » 20 Mar 2020, 03:00

Thank you for the report.
Please upload project files for explaining the problem.
When you manually replaced the connector in schemtic and layout they became not synchronized. It would be better to replace the connector in schematic (not delete and place new) then renew layout from schematic. But you said this caused a bunch of problems and we want to investigate them.

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