Library Loader (SamacSys) Clean up

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Library Loader (SamacSys) Clean up

#1 Post by KevinA » 28 Apr 2021, 12:45

I use as a source for parts, they use SamacSys (Library Loader) to provide CAD/3D parts, between SnapEDA and SamacSys and the IPC-7351 generator life is better.
With Library Loader it quickly gets messy as you download then extract the CAD/3D parts, my download directory is D:\mouser, in that directory I've created a CMD (removeall.cmd) file I click after processing the downloaded files that archives (moves) all the pieces of the part into an D:\mouser\archive directory leaving a clean directory for the next part or batch of parts to be downloaded and processed. The cmd file is attached as a zip, here is the contents:

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move /Y *.asc archive
move /Y *.epw archive
move /Y *.stl archive
move /Y *.stp archive
move /Y *.wrl archive
move /Y *.zip archive
del /Q *.asc *.epw *.stl *.stp *.wrl *.zip
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