Dashed or dotted line

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Dashed or dotted line

#1 Post by garytennyson » 12 Oct 2021, 20:32

Is there any chance we could get a dashed or dotted line in Schematic Capture? Consider a relay. It would be useful to have a dashed or dotted line connect the coil to the contacts. The same thing applies to a multi-section switch.

At present, I can draw a solid line, but not a dashed or dotted line.


Gary Tennyson

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Re: Dashed or dotted line

#2 Post by Alex » 13 Oct 2021, 05:22

The features have been requested many times. We know about line styles and will try to implement them in future.

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Re: Dashed or dotted line

#3 Post by fluxanode » 18 Oct 2021, 12:51

How soon in the future? You have done a few releases since initially requested. Seem like a simple change?

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Re: Dashed or dotted line

#4 Post by Serg » 19 Oct 2021, 04:51

Now we develop the Push&Shove and Export/Import to XML format. After that will create the other features from to do list.

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