Printing the Grid

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Printing the Grid

#1 Post by tlmp » 01 Mar 2022, 00:29

I have three requests concerning the GRID.

1. If I'm breadboarding a "one off", or prototype project, I will still layout the circuit in DT first, just to see if all the components will fit correctly later onto the breadboard. Being able to print the grid would help greatly in placing components on the breadboard.

2. Another issue is when placing PADS on the GRID. Sometimes a (Component) PAD is just slightly off center of the Grid and it would be great to be able to actually see the GRID through the pad hole - that way I can place the pad more precicely.

3. This third issue I have reqested some years ago. It would be great if the GRID DOTS where just slightly larger. It would just make them more easier to see. Maybe you can even make the dots variable in size.

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Re: Printing the Grid

#2 Post by Alex » 16 May 2022, 05:33

Thank you for the suggestions, we will consider it.
In regards to #3, you can open color settings and change grid color to more contrast comparing to background, for example whilte instead grey on black background.

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