Saving a Component / Pattern to Library

Making your own components and patterns, organizing and using libraries.
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Saving a Component / Pattern to Library

#1 Post by tlmp » 09 Mar 2022, 13:32

The DT PCB help topic says the following: "DipTrace PCB Layout module allows the designer to save selected patterns of the current circuit board as a new pattern library or add them to the existing one. Select patterns on the design area, right-click one of them, and choose Save To Library from the submenu."

When I attempt to save a pattern, that I created live while doing a layout, I choose "Save to Library". That opens up to "Save to File". That opens up to "Library Details". If I choose "User Patterns", my patten library doesnt open up, forcing me to create a whole new Library just for that one pattern. If I want to save additional patterns from my layout, then I have to create a new library for that pattern also, and so on. The PCB help file above does say that I can; "add them to the existing one". I have not yet found a (direct) way to add patterns from my layout to my existing pattern library. I do realize that after I have created all of these additional libraries, I can go back and then add those patterns to my existing pattern library, but it's a lot of extra work. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong?

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Re: Saving a Component / Pattern to Library

#2 Post by Tomg » 10 Mar 2022, 02:24

Try the following...
1) In the Place Component pane on the left side of the screen of the PCB Layout editor set the Current Library Group to User Patterns, then select/highlight the desired target library in the Libraries list (directly underneath the Current Library Group selector).
2) In the Design Area right-click on the desired pattern (it should highlight in green), choose Save to Library > Add to "selected library name" in the context menu and, when the "Confirm" dialog window appears, click on the [Yes] button.
You should now find that the new pattern has been added to the bottom of the selected library's Patterns list (directly underneath the Search Filter tool in the Place Component pane).

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Re: Saving a Component / Pattern to Library

#3 Post by KevinA » 14 Mar 2022, 13:14

That was way too easy... Another priceless piece of information from the Tomg 7/24 bot.

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