Suddenly cannot connect pads

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Suddenly cannot connect pads

#1 Post by Stevolution » 08 May 2022, 16:36

Hello all

Been using Diptrace for many month now and all was fine.
Tonight, suddenly I cannot connect various pads, traces etc and I have no idea why.
I connect a couple of pads and then it blocks you connecting to another clear pad (new component, so no previous nets or anything).
The end of the trace highlights a couple of red circles and it stops the lines connecting.

Any ideas? Must have done something but no idea what

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Re: Suddenly cannot connect pads

#2 Post by Tomg » 09 May 2022, 10:29

Assuming you're using DipTrace v4.2.0.1, turn on all layers (right side of screen) to see if there is anything blocking the trace from being completed...
As a last resort, you can disable the "[ ]Follow Rules" option in the "Routing" panel on the left side of the screen...
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