DipTrace Team has the question to our users

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DipTrace Tutorial.pdf

#111 Post by PCB » 12 Apr 2020, 18:19

I'm trying to learn a free-copy of DipTrace before buying full software package. I use DipTrace Tutorial. pdf. So far, I got through 45 pages and found very difficult to follow instructions. My inner is trying to find any reason not to go back to Tutorial. One of the main issue _there is no accent by Font and/or Style for descriptions of major steps (what Icon to use for described feature, etc.). Very difficult to return back to the same place in Tutorial switching attention between Tutorial and actual PCB. It is like a "river" of words without end. Names are not consistence. The same objects are repeated with different names.

I realize a lot of effort to write this Tutorial. In my opinion, the Tutorial needs a review of both, Semantic and Writing Style. I was very impressed with the Video on your site and expected similar clarity in Tutorial. Tutorial is very important document for people new to DipTrace! Hope my suggestions will appear in this Forum.

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

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Vishay Optical Sensors, TCST model components (3).

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