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Related Product Links

These free products will help to get the best experience with DipTrace. Notice that some of them may not be free for commercial use.

Operating System

XQuartz - mandatory software for DipTrace on Mac OS. Free



LT Spice - high-performance simulation software.



Ace Converter - free and open-source utility software for generating G-Code from DXF files for CNC machines

FlatCAM - another free and open-source DXF to G-Code converter which is very easy to use.

 Gerber Viewers

Pentalogix Viewmate - powerful Gerber viewer with full layer-by-layer visibility, available for free download. 



Wings 3D - easy-to-learn, free and open-source software for 3D model creation. Allows to start making your own 3D models shortly.

Blender - powerful, free and open-source 3D computer graphics software product. Great capabilities, but requires 3D modeling skills or some time for the learning curve.

FreeCAD - free general-purpose 3D CAD modeler.



DraftSight - proprietary freeware 2D CAD software for engineers and designers.