What's New

Version 4.3 (July 27, 2022)

- Built-in Spice simulator.

- DipTrace XML for PCB, Schematic, Component Editor and Pattern Editor.

- SMD / THT pads in PCB Layout design information.

- Custom column title for BOM, Pick and Place.

- New and updated component libraries with popular parts from the world and Asian brands:

     Diodes (Rectifiers Arrays, Rectifiers Single, Schottky, Zener);

     IC Clock & Timing Real Time Clocks;

     IC Data Acq (ADC, DAC);

     IC Linear (Amplifiers,Comparators);

     IC Memory (FLASH, FRAM, SDRAM);

     IC MCU (Atmel AVR, ST Micro ARM);

     IC PMIC (Battery Management, Battery Chargers, Display Drivers, Gate Drivers, Motor and Fan Controllers Drivers);

     IC PMIC (Power Distribution Switches, Supervisors Controllers Monitors, Voltage References, Voltage Regulators);

     Isolators (Logic Output, Transistor Photovoltaic Output);

     Opto Emitters LED SMD;

     P&P (Filters Ferrite, TVS Diodes);

     Relays (Power, Signal, Solid State);

     Sensors (Angle Linear Position Measuring, Current, Humidity, Inertia Accelerometers, Temp Thermistors NTC/PTC);

     Switches Tactile;

     Thyristors TRIAC;

     Transistors (Arrays, NPN, PNP, MOSFET);

     Con (D-Sub, Edge Cards, Memory Inline Module, Memory Micro SD Card, Modular Jacks RJ-45);

     Con (Pluggable, RF & Coaxial SMA, RF & Coaxial U.FL, Sockets PLCC, USB 2.0, USB 3.0);

     Con Rect Headers SMD (Pitch 1.25mm Vertical Shrouded, Pitch 2.00mm Angled Shrouded);

     Con Rect Headers THT ( Pitch 2.50mm Vertical Shrouded, Pitch 3.00mm Angled and Vertical Shrouded).

- Basic components library (free assembly in JLCPCB):

     Basic Parts JLCPCB.

- Mouser Part Numbers have been added to the additional fields of the components.

- New STEP models for patterns of the following libraries:

     Con (Edge Cards, Memory, Sockets PLCC, USB).

Minor changes and bug fixes.


Version 4.2 (November 2, 2021)

- New XML format for component and pattern libraries.

- Environment Variables in all paths, support of related project/program paths for libraries/models/pictures.

- Ability to make a portable version of the program.

- Pause routing (allows editing other traces/vias and resuming routing in one key press).

- Continue routing option in net merge/move pad submenu.

- Radial / Polar Placement of design objects in PCB Layout and Pattern Editor.

- Group is aligned as a single object in the Align Objects feature.

- Edge rails for a single board option.

- Edge rail width for V-score panelizing of a rectangular board does not include the "Board to Edge/ Board to Board" gap.

- Side and isometric view buttons in 3D preview dialogs.

- Display/Find vias by style on the layout.

- Submenu for creating pattern internal pad-to-pad connection (avoid accidental creation).

- New and updated pattern libraries:

     Con TB Headers (Pitch 3.50mm, 3.81mm, 5.00mm, 5.08mm, 7.62mm);

     Con USB (2.0, 3.0);

     DFN (3 Pins, 4 Pins);

     DPAK (Pitch 1.27mm, 2.28mm, 2.29mm, 2.30mm);

     Diodes (Axial, DFN 2 Pins, DFN 3 Pins, MELF, Molded, SOD, SOFL);

     Fuses (Chip Inch, Chip Metric, Holders, Radial Dipped Rectangular, Radial Disk);

     LED (Axial, Chip, Chip Corner Concave, Chip Side Concave (2,4,6 Pins), Molded (PLCC-2), Radial Round (3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm), Radial Rectangular, Radial Oval, Radial Cylindrical, SOD, SODFL, DFN, SOL (PLCC-4, PLCC-6, PLCC-8), TO Cylindrical);


     Sensors (Axial, Chip, Chip Corner Concave, DFN, DIP, Molded (PLCC-2), Radial Round, Radial Rectangular, SOD, SODFL, SOT, TO Cylindrical, Others);

     SOT23-3 (Pitch 0.50mm, 0.65mm);

     SOT143 (Pitch 1.30mm, 1.90mm, 1.92mm);

     Transistors DFN 3 Pins;

     Switches Toggle;


- New and updated component libraries:

     Con TB Headers (Pitch 3.50mm, 3.81mm, 5.00mm, 5.08mm, 7.62mm);

     Con USB (2.0, 3.0);

     IC MPU MCU Modules;

     Opto Emitters LED (SMD, THT, Bi-Color, RGB, RGBW, Infrared, Ultraviolet);

     Power & Protection Fuses (Chip Inch, Chip Metric, Holders, PTC Resettable);

     RF Modules;

     Sensors Optical (Photodiodes, Phototransistors, Optosensors, IC Optosensors, Photoconductive Cells);

     Sensors Temperature (Thermistors PTC, RTD, Analog Output, Digital Output, Voltage Current Output, Thermostats);

     Sensors Inertia (Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Tilt Inclinometers);

     Sensors (Magnetic, Pressure, Media Gas, Humidity, Encoders, Capacitive Touch Proximity, Image Camera, Angle Linear Position Measuring).

- LCSC Part Numbers have been added to the additional fields of the components (used by a Chinese PCB manufacturer – JLCPCB).

- New 294 STEP models for some unique patterns of the following libraries: BGA, DFN, Diodes Bridge, DIP Peg Leads, LCC, LGA, Optosensors & LED, Oscillators, QFN, SOFL, SOP, SOT.

Bug fixes.


Version 4.1.3 (June 10, 2021)

- Suppliers and Prices in BOM.

- KiCAD import has been improved (KiCAD v5.99 support).

- Sprint Layout 6.0 Import (Text IO).

Minor changes and bug fixes.

- New IPC-7351 libraries:

     Switches (DIP, Limit, Lever, Snap Action, Pushbutton, Rotary, Slide, Tactile);

     BGA Pitch 1.5mm;

     DPAK (Pitch 0.85mm, 1.4mm, 1.75mm, 2mm, 2.55mm, 4.57mm, 5.08mm, 5.45mm);

     SOT23-4 (Pitch 0.65mm, 0.95mm);

     SOT223-3 (Pitch 1.5mm, 2.3mm);

     SIP (Pitch 1.25mm, 1.27mm);

     SOL Pitch 2.54mm;

     TO-220 (Pitch 1.27mm, 1.3mm);

     Objects Logo;

     Objects Pin Label;

     Objects Polarity Marker.


Version 4.1.2 (March 22, 2021)

- Downloading 3D model for SnapEDA parts, polishing SnapEDA feature.

- Checking component prices and availability with direct links to suppliers.

- IPC-7351 Libraries of Con Memory Cards.

Minor changes and bug fixes.


Version 4.1.1 (February 25, 2021)

- SnapEDA Integration: free access to over 10 million DipTrace parts in a few clicks right from DipTrace UI.

- IPC-7351 libraries of transformers.

Minor changes and bug fixes.


Version 4.1 (February 3, 2021)

- Improved panelizing: V-Score and Tab Routing with mouse bites.

- Improved BOM, BOM in PCB Layout, Interactive BOM: integrated and HTML export.

- Improved Pick and Place: Center X/Y by component outline and terminals if exist, package height, updated dialog window.

- Assembly variants for BOM and Pick and Place.

- Improved Drill Size Report.

- Automatic update of report tables in PCB (BOM, Pick and Place, Drill Size, Layer Stack).

- Table rows and related components for report tables are highlighted.

- Raster pictures in PCB, improved raster pictures in Schematic.

- "Do not rotate marking with component" option.

- Improved trace editing: sharp angles are optimized, moving orthogonal trace with related 45 degree segments if necessary.

- Highlight copper pour islands and traces when highlight any trace or copper pour border.

- Align components and texts by other components and texts while moving.

- Resize of all panels (layers/properties/design manager, route, place component, etc) by mouse drag and drop.

- Bulk update of patterns in component libraries.

- Keep all pins of IPC-7351 3D model, not depending on pattern pads (option).

- Pattern description is displayed in Component Editor, Schematic and PCB.

- Basic part swap in Schematic.

- Remove ratline while deleting trace (option).

- 3D preview: Vector pictures in mask layer.

- Import/Export Improvements for DXF, Eagle, Altium ASCII, P-CAD ASCII.

- IPC-7351 Pattern Generator changes in CQFP, DFN 2 Pins, DFN 3 Pins, DFN 4 Pins, SOD, SODFL, Radial (Round LED), Radial (Rectangular LED), Radial (Disk), Radial (Disk, Offset Leads).

- IPC-7351 automatic 3D models for the following families:

     Crystal(HC-49); Crystal; Chip Array, 2 Side Concave; Chip Array, 4 Side Concave;

     Oscillator, Corner Concave; Oscillator, Side Concave;

     Chip Array, 2 Side Flat; Chip Array, 4 Side Flat; LCC;

     Chip, Side Concave(2, 4 Pins); Chip Array, 2 Side Convex;

     DIP Socket; SIP; TO Cylindrical; Radial (Dipped, Round); Radial (Dipped, Rectangular); Radial (Dipped, Rectangular Offset Leads);

     Radial (Disk); Radial (Disk, Offset Leads); Radial (Inductor); Radial (Molded).

- New libraries:

     Con HDMI, Con Sockets DIP, Objects Fiducial, Objects Hardware Inch, Objects Hardware Metric,

     Objects Jumper, Objects Lead Hole Pad, Objects Panelizing, Objects Testpoint, Objects Wire.

- Old libraries redesigned for IPC-7351:

     Con Rect Headers, Con Rect Wire to Board, Con USB, Con Vacuum Tubes, Inductors, Potentiometers.

See List of fixed bugs and minor update changes.


Version 4.0 (May 20, 2020)

- IPC-7351 standard pattern type:

      pattern is generated automatically by IPC-7351 generator integrated into Pattern Editor;

      3D model is generated on the fly in Pattern Editor and PCB Layout.

- New IPC-7351 libraries.

- UI has been optimized for 4k monitors.

- Mac OS 10.15 Catalina / 11.0 Big Sur support.

- RoundRect and D-shape pads.

- Pad shape can be shifted from pad hole center.

- Teardrops for pads, vias, trace width change and T-junctions.

- Rotating pads by any angle without changing to polygon.

- Rotating component by any angle without changing it.

- Pad terminals.

- Segmented paste mask, solder mask by paste mask.

- Solder mask and paste mask of pads are visible in the design area and can be printed.

- Fiducial object in PCB and Pattern Editor.

- Pattern Editor has a layer panel similar to PCB Layout.

- Both Pattern Editor and PCB Layout layer panels have configurable layer order and visibility.

- Courtyard layer, DRC does not allow courtyard region to be overlayed (touch is allowed).

- Component outline layer (3D model can be built by component outline).

- Configurable Silk to Pad clearance in DRC.

- Remove silk from pads/holes/mask wizard in Pattern Editor.

- Place outline wizard in Pattern Editor.

- Similar pad numbers are allowed (in this case pads are connected inside a pattern, @ symbol before or after pad number allows to avoid warning).

- Two types of internal component connections are possible:

      one of pads should be connected or internal connection can be used as jumper for the net;

      all pads should be connected.

- Manual routing improvements:

      Routing with static vias option;

      Tab key can be used to toggle between selection of a segment, trace and net;

      Del key is used for unrouting selected traces (node to node) instead of deleting net;

      Delete Net option has been added to net submenu.

- 3 ways to build and edit arcs (3 points, center-radius-angles, start-end-radius).

- Any set of shapes can be converted to a board outline (you can place arcs, lines, poly-lines as you wish, connect their ends and convert the set to a board outline).

- Updated properties dialogs for all shapes (now can be edited by dimensions).

- Obround shapes instead of ellipses in all programs.

- Snap to other objects key points when building/editing shapes, board and copper pour.

- Multi-line text.

- “~” symbol is allowed in text (double ~~).

- Text and pictures can be rotated by any angle.

- Pictures are now vectorized and saved together with a design file.

- It is possible to etch text or picture/logo in the copper pour.

- Anchor point + Left-Center-Right, Top-Center-Bottom alignment is used for text, markings, pictures and while editing shapes.

- Cut the right angle of the shape option.

- New Component marking system in Schematic and PCB Layout:

      any number of markings can be displayed (display property is available for each field, including additional);

      free angle rotation and alignment;

      separate marking settings for assembly layer in PCB;

      custom marking font by the component;

      text with parameter property placed in Pattern/ Component Editor is counted as pattern marking (PCB/Schematic do not add additional text);

      font settings can be applied to markings placed in Component/Pattern Editor;

      move tool (F10) allows to move/rotate any text object inside a component directly in Schematic/PCB.

- Pattern origin is shown as cross + circle (options) and can be displayed by layers.

- 3 ways of building 3D models of the pattern (by file, by component outline and by IPC-7351 standard).

- Filter can be stopped at any search stage, results are displayed in real-time while searching components.

- Component properties dialog is redesigned to allow display and edit all additional fields at once.

- Name description, unique name and manufacturer fields have been added to the pattern.

- Free resizing of library/component list and additional fields in Component/Pattern Editors.

- Pattern shape precision has been improved, recounting pattern shapes by borders when you change the number of pads/dimensions in Pattern Editor.

- Pad to copper pour thermals are rotated by pad/component angle.

- Selecting object and opening its submenu from Design Manager in Schematic and PCB (right click on the item in the Design Manager).

- Groups in Component and Pattern Editors, similar to Schematic and PCB.

- Measure tool in Schematic and Component Editor.

- Properties dialog windows may change locked objects after confirmation.

- Updating PCB from Schematic keeps locked components non-existent in Schematic.

- Export all Gerber and Drill files into a zip archive with a single click.

- Configurable default filenames for drill export.


Version 3.3.1 (Nov 29, 2018)

- Zoom on Undo/Redo - options added, main zoom mode has been corrected.

- Routing by Numpad option (NumLock should be ON).

- Grid Snap option - allows to turn off snap, but keep grid visible.

- Status Bar now displays current mode, current view (normal/mirrored) and grid snap.

- Several bugs have been found and fixed - see details.


Version 3.3 (Oct 22, 2018)

- Improved manual routing:

      "follow design rules" option (doesn't allow violations)

      redesigned routing modes

      orthogonal segments

      fix single segment option

      via preview at the end of routed segment

- Configurable precision for all values by units, configurable grid precision.

- Redesigned Undo/Redo System in Schematic and PCB Layout

- Improved Hide/Display Wire feature in Schematic

- UI: All ComboBoxes have been replaced with DropDownLists.

- Option: detailed hint in PCB Layout and Pattern Editor (shows pad/via/hole dimensions).

- KiCAD Schematic and PCB import.

- KiCAD Library and Footprint import.

- Eagle Schematic and PCB XML export.

- Eagle Library XML export.

- Polishing of existing features.


Version 3.2 (Oct 26, 2017)

- DRC same net clearance check (Trace to Trace, SMD to Pad, SMD to Via, SMD to SMD).

- Improved highlight and selection of objects in the PCB Layout (traces and all other objects under footprints are highlighted in the default mode).

- Polishing of length matching and meander features.

- Storing common solder mask swell and paste mask shrink with the project file.

- Always open/soldered option in custom mask/paste settings for pads and vias.

- Rotate Group and Flip Group commands in the Component and Pattern Editors.

- Additional fields in Pick and Place, tab divider in text files for BOM and Pick and Place.


Version 3.1 (May 29, 2017)

- Length matching rules.

- Real-time length comparison table.

- Layer stackup table.

- Using layer stackup and pad signal delay for trace length and differential pair phase calculation.

- Meander tool for any trace, easy resizing and moving of meanders.

- Improved phase tune tool.

- Align objects.

- Switching measurement units with a shortcut in any dialog box (Shift+U by default).

- Hotkeys for selecting sheets in Schematic and for the measuring tool in the Pattern Editor.

- Moving all selected trace segments simultaneously (bus editing).

- Permanent net highlight option.

- Altium ASCII import (Schematic, PCB, libraries).

- Eagle XML import (Schematic, PCB, libraries).

- ODB++ output - version 8.1 added.

- 11,813 new components and 345 new patterns.

- 1,726 new 3D models.


Version 3.0 (March 10, 2016)

- Differential pairs: 

      Define differential pair and its rules;

      Automatic or manual defining of paired pads;

      Paired routing and editing of differential pair;

      Single-track differential pair routing and editing;

      Phase tune tool (place custom / regular size meanders);

      Real-time control of phase and length tolerance;

      Differential pair manager;

      Support of differential pairs for external autorouters, recognition of paired traces.

- Custom user-defined keyboard shortcuts for tools and dialogs.

- ODB++ (version 7.0) manufacturing output.

- Gerber X2 manufacturing output.

- DRC rule details (easy editing of routing constraints).

- Tree view of 3D models in All Models list, sorted by categories (folders).

- Overall speed and memory optimization for large designs.

- Optimized UI fonts.

- 8143 new components.

- 5694 new STEP models for 3D.


Version 2.4 (June 20, 2014)

- Redesigned UI.

- New library management system:

      Library Groups; 

      Standard and user libraries are separated to different groups, standard libraries can not be changed by user;

      Project libraries and design cache;

      Cross-module Library Manager;

      Dynamic update of library groups, group content, active library / component between programs; 

      Library groups and libraries are visible in all dialog boxes where libraries are used (Library Setup - no more add / delete buttons and separate lists);

      Filter feature with customizable number of parameters (search by current library, group or all libraries).

- Unicode support in all program objects, files and UI elements.

- STEP export of PCB 3D model.

- STEP and IGES import of package 3D models.

- IPC-D-356A Netlist Export.

- BSDL Pinlist Import in Component Editor.

- Updated import dialogs of third-party schematics and net-lists, remembering of attached patterns.

- Printing multipage schematic as single document.

- Updated Title Block Editor, "Attached Pattern" tool, editing of polygonal pads.

- Redesigned Properties panel (on design area) for Component and Pattern editors.

- Zooming / Panning with mouse wheel in all print / import / export panels with preview feature.

- Update all Copper Pours and algorithm optimizations (approx 3x-5x speed-up).

- Correct side changing for groups in PCB Layout.


Version 2.3.1 (March 20, 2013)

- Importing Schematics from EDIF (OrCAD).
- Long-line cross cursor (X key). Polished existing features of 2.3.


Version 2.3 (October 19, 2012)

- Real-Time DRC - dynamically checks design rules while you add objects, route traces or edit anything in the layout. Static DRC was improved and optimized.
- 3D VRML 2.0 Export allows to export solid body of the board with models to external mechanical CAD.
- Custom Non-Signal layers.
- Arranging PCB components by hierarchical blocks. Copying routing/placement between similar hierarchical blocks directly on the board.
- Different modes of showing/hiding ratlines for copper pours depending on pouring areas and traces.
- Pour priority for copper pours in one layer.
- "Place Ratline" mode, no more ratlines in "default" and "edit traces" modes.
- Hot key ("~") "Manual Route".
- Configuring and saving file names for Gerber export by layers (user-defined name and extension for each layer).
- Exporting dimensions to Gerber and DXF.
- Superimposing without connection pins/wires verification in Schematic ERC.
- Saving connections without wires while copying/pasting parts in Schematic.
- Moving objects between sheets in Schematic.
- Rearranging sheets in Schematic.
- Automatic remembering of initial folders by file type in various "open/save" dialog boxes (for all DipTrace modules).
- Blocking file while editing it. Overwriting by second/network appearance is now prohibited.
- Windows 8 compatibility.
- Ordering engine has been added (see "File/Order PCB" in main menu).
- Automatic online check for new versions and DipTrace news&updates.
- Library update: 8000+ new components, euro symbols and new patterns.

Version 2.2 (September 7, 2011)
- 3D Preview in PCB Layout (*.wrl and *.3ds models  support).
- 2580 3D models in *.wrl format (separate download).
- Redesigned pattern and component libraries (full conformity).
- Strict Via Styles (changing via style changes all vias of the style).
- Net Classes (with extended rules). Class-to-Class rules.
- Improved DRC (more rules, separate rules by layers and net-class, class-to-class rules).
Show errors by layers or all at once. Show current value of clearance/size and necessary value of the parameter.
- All necessary dialog boxes and menus are redesigned to use net classes and via styles.
- Main menu redesigned ("Layers" item has been removed, sub-items moved to Layers panel and Route menu).
- Inserting layers, moving layers up/down the stack.
Layers panel has been improved ("Add layer", "Layer Setup" and "Display mode" sub-menu; set current layer with a double click)
Layer Setup dialog box improved ("Insert Layer", "Move Layer Up", "Move Layer Down").
- Improved manual routing:
3 standard routing modes + custom mode;
7 segment configurations;
fixed degree step for free/curve modes;
highlight only routed net option;
current via style option;
all options and hot keys are listed in Properties panel;
different trace width by layer (from net class rules).
- Improved trace editing:
selecting several segments at a time and bulk change properties;
adding nodes with a hot key (no mouse click or selecting item is necessary);
Changing all parameters in Properties panel;
more hot keys (all listed in sub-menu and properties panel).
- Slot holes.
- Identical component/net naming in hierarchical schematic and PCB.
- Easy connecting/disconnecting wires to/from nets by names, text object automatically changes with net name of the nearest wire.
- Making wires in Schematic is now similar to PCB manual routing (automatic or 2-segment configuration).
- N/C Drill Import is easily combined with Gerber import to get pads with holes.
- Correct N/C drill export for blind holes (by layer pairs), automatic identifying existing layer pairs with "Export All" button.
- PADS ASCII import in Component and Pattern Editors, final stage of PADS ASCII schematic import development.
- Properties/Layers panel auto-switch, depending on the selected tool or object/s, more properties by objects.
- Separate objects highlight option.
- RefDes Renumbering (left to right,top to bottom).
- Jumper wire layer selection ("View/Jumper Wires" from main menu). Jumpers in the silk layer are automatically removed from vias.
- Current copper pour state is displayed on the Properties panel now.
- Renaming just a part of the net (related wires only) option in Schematic.
- Global Nets in Hierarchy (single net on all levels, net-ports and connecting nets by name in hierarchy).
- Update PCB from Hierarchical Schematic by components (no similar RefDes inside hierarchy needed).
- Making polygons, board outline and copper pours is similar.
- More drill symbols (characters added). Comment table for drill symbols.
- Back Annotation of net and net classes.
- Saving/Loading rules in DipTrace PCB Layout (net classes, via styles, layers, DRC rules). Loading Net Classes in Schematic.
- Mask and Paste settings for pad/s in Pattern Editor.
- Displaying only wires of selected component while moving it in Diptrace PCB Layout (turned ON by default).
- Converting static vias to dynamic (parts of traces) and back.
- New components are placed outside the board outline while renewing PCB from Schematic.
- Speed optimizations and UI improvements.

Version 2.1 (February 10, 2010)
- New high-class shape-based auto-router.
- Dimensions in PCB Layout and Pattern Editor (horizontal, vertical, free, radius, pointer).
- Saving all settings within project file.
- Board cutout, copper objects and route obstacles in Pattern Editor.
- Shape line width in Pattern Editor.
- Polylines and polygons in Pattern Editor.
- Converting polygons to pads and back in Pattern Editor.
- DXF import improvements in Pattern Editor ("All layers" and "Fill closed areas" options).
- TrueType for pin names/pin numbers/net names in Schematic (optional).
- Remove similar holes in drill files.
- Searching and displaying holes by size.
- Rectangle with rounded corners board outline in board points dialog box.
- "View/Objects" tab on the design manager panel. "Copper Pours" item has been added.
- Redesigned Print Preview dialog box in DipTrace PCB Layout.
- Resizable Pin Manager and Attached Pattern dialog boxes in Component Editor.
- Quick-access buttons on component properties panel in Component Editor.
- Different fonts for pin names in Component Editor or Schematic.
- Pin Properties dialog box in Schematic.
- Changing grid size with "Ctrl+" and "Ctrl-". "+" and "-" are used to change scale in all programs. "R" or "Space" for rotating in all programs.
- "IC - 4 sides" component type in Component Editor.
- Changing parameters has been reworked. Only x-position of horizontal pins is now changing when you change width, and y-position of vertical pins if change height of the IC. Other properties are not changed.
- Rectangle and Zig-Zag pattern types in DipTrace Pattern Editor.
- "Lock properties" button in Component and Pattern Editors.
- Displaying library of component and "Place into Current Position" button in Search window of Component and Pattern editors.
- "Block Delete" (select several components and delete) and "Block Insert" (right click/Insert Components from library) components/patterns in Component and Pattern Editors.
- Library verification features in Component and Pattern Editors.
- Component search options (in active/opened library (all programs)).
- Pins sorting in pin manager of Component Editor (by name, number and position).
- Repositioning pins by name or number in Component Editor.
- Group Rotate and Flip features in Component Editor (pin submenu; "Shift+R", "Shift+F" hot keys).
- Internal connections highlight and editing improvements while attaching pattern to component in Component Editor.
- Displaying pad numbers in Pattern Editor,  DipTrace PCB Layout and Component Editor.
- Default Net Width verification while updating pcb from schematic or saving net properties from pcb (route mode, hidden connections, etc.).
- Data and document files moved to AppData and MyDocuments folders. No new files  in Program Files folder (Vista/Win 7 compatibility).
- P-CAD ASCII, PADS Import/Export improvements.
- P-CAD ASCII, Eagle Script libraries import improvements.
- OrCAD MIN Interchange Import/Export in PCB Layout.
- Origin point can be placed by object key-points.
- "Change Symbol Type" feature in Component Editor (automatically makes 2-sided or 4-sided symbol from the existing one).
- Making busses by pin names in Component Editor.
- "No thermal for vias" and separate thermal settings for SMD in copper pour properties (no need to use pad/via custom thermal settings).
- Printer calibration in PCB Layout.
- Panelizing improvements (exclude selected objects from panelizing, saving panelizing settings with layout file).
- Dimensions are displayed for pattern types in Pattern Editor.
- Change type properties for rotated pattern is now possible in Pattern Editor.
- Changes in RefDes numeration for hierarchy (U1_1, U1_2, etc.).
- Additional verification of attached patterns for multi-part components while exporting net-list or saving file.
- ArcMode automatically turns OFF after placing arc in board outline.
- Placing pattern markings over pads/vias/traces.
- Increased graphics speed in PCB Layout, Component and Pattern Editors.
- New recovery options (number of steps between auto-savings and enabling/disabling recovery).
- Text type (RefDes, Name, Value) in Pattern Editor.
- Copper pour fill counts internal copper pours.
- UI improvements.
- 16000+ new components, existing libraries were redesigned to comply with new standards.

Version 2.0 (February 17, 2009)
- Properties panel in PCB Layout and Schematic.
- Display/Hide layers in PCB Layout.
- Design Manager added.
- Fanoutis now available.
- Hierarchical Schematic.
- Custom color for the net.
- Direction arrows for wires in Schematic.
- Thermal support in DXF Edge function.
- Arc traces in DipTrace PCB Layout.
- Text in Pattern Editor.
- "Unroute line" option in PCB Layout.
- Make connection from trace end while routing (D3D and OpenGL modes).
- Lock net structure in PCB Layout.
- Manual routing improvements.
- Copy/paste projects between DipTrace instances.
- Internal connections between component and pattern.
- Panelizing of different PCBs on a single panel.
- P-CAD ASCII Import/Export in Schematic and PCB Layout.
- PADS ASCII 2005 Import/Export in PCB Layout.
- 8000+ new components in standard libraries.

Version 1.50 (March 6, 2008)

- DirectX/OpenGL support (faster drawing of complex Schematics and boards).
- Vector fonts support.
- Panelizing.
- Copper pour island removal (internal, unconnected).
- Snapping copper pour to board outline option added.
- "Black and White" print option.
- Selecting/Deselecting objects by type, layer, etc.
- Hidden wires display in Schematic.
- Connect shape to net in PCB Layout (DRC, copper pours, etc.)
- Copy/Paste shortcuts in component/pattern editor component properties panel.
- Automatic change of incorrect polygonal pads.
- Traces box in DXF export dialog box.
- "Fill closed areas" option in DXF import, embedded polygons can be cutouts.
- "Shift" hot key for orthogonal shapes.
- Convert cutout shapes to board outline.
- Bulk connection for pads/vias in PCB Layout.
- Correct trace/connection alignment for center-free polygonal pads.
- Forbid jumpers under components option for autorouter.
- Hide table borders option.
- Redesigned small scale grid view.
- "Different grid step for Y" option added.
- Highlight optimizations (reducing CPU time).
- Row number and total quantity in BOM.
- Forcing correct extension while saving files.
- "Do not display hint" option.
- Scaling schematic and titles to page for printing.
- Multiple edge passes option in DXF Export.
- Changing width of components/patterns panel.
-"Disable automatic wire routing" option in Schematic.
- 9000+ new components.

Version 1.40 (May 23, 2007)

- Components placement by list and arrangement in PCB Layout.
- Auto-placement.
- Spice export and Spice settings in Schematic and Component Editor.
- File formats extending (floating point values are more accurate, etc).
- Library path in component/pattern properties, automatic update.
- Custom colors for printing.
- Creating traces and wires on empty area.
- Route/Unroute traces for selected components.
- Components additional fields in PCB Layout and Schematic.
- Unlimited number of grids.
- Assembly options.
- Snap components to grid by origin point.
- Components with SMD pads on both sides.
- Pattern can have Mask, Paste, Assy shapes on both sides of the board.
- Top side is invisible while editing inner layer.
- Changing pattern name in Schematic without attaching pattern (for netlists).
- Changing default line width for shapes in PCB Layout and Schematic
- Selecting traces separately in PCB Layout.
- Selecting of visible objects only for box selection.
- Warning message for change net structure attempts.

- Net names above the wires.
- "Export All" option in Gerber dialog box.
- DRC - control min ring size and max drill size.
- Automatic Text flip for Bottom board side.
- Schematic and PCB Import from Eagle.
- Direct editing of string grids (additional fields, pin numbers, etc).
- Separate Export Drill files for through and blind/buried holes.
- OrCad TAP drill files export.
- Updating PCB from related schematic (hot key as well).

Version 1.30 (October 25, 2006)
- Customizing colors (black background, etc.).
- Changing layer in copper pour submenu.
- Zoom extents/center tool for print preview.
- Gerber import.
- Electra/Specctra Integration (DSN export, SES import).
- Netlist Export in Schematic (Mentor, OrCAD, Tango, PADS, Accel, Allegro, P-CAD, Protel etc.)
- Netlist Import in PCB Layout.
- Unlimited customizable fields for components and patterns (texts or links).
- DXF export in Schematic.
- Titles in DXF export in PCB Layout.
- DipTrace ASCII format (import/export in all programs).
- Free angle component rotation.
- Moving selected objects using arrow keys.
- Double click to open object properties.
- Mouse wheel for zooming and scrolling project.
- Lock/Unlock objects.
- "Enter" for OK  and "Esc" for Cancel in all dialog boxes.
- Separate "Via" object in PCB layout (Static Via).
- Editing Paste/Mask layers separately (shapes, custom settings for pads).
- "Shift" for orthogonal moving, "Esc" button to cancel moving.
- Both component and marking highlight while pointing mouse at component or marking in "F10" mode.
- Keyboard shortcuts to change layers.
- "Traces" box in Gerber export.
- Board outline width can be changed (Line Width dialog box).
- Board cutouts (shape property).
- Trace length measurement.
- "Ctrl+1-0" hot keys for layers change in PCB Layout.
- Up/Down keys to switch between pins in pin manager (Component Editor).
- Blind/buried pads/static vias.
- Many minor improvements.

Version 1.23 (April 4, 2006)- Custom thermals for pads.

- Custom thermals for pads.
- Sorting in Component and Pattern Editors.
- "Zoom Extents" tool in Schematic and PCB.
- Separate scale and position for Schematic pages.
- Net connectivity verification in PCB Layout.
- "Save to File" option in "Compare to Schematic" dialog box.
- Right-click "Paste" submenu on the design area.
- Gerber text vectorization improvements.
- Unlimited zoom in Gerber and N/C drill preview.
- Separate selection of each wire of the net or bus in Schematic.
- Moving vias and "Add Node" features were improved.
- Renaming and deleting nets in Connection Manager.
- Merging nets pop-up submenu in PCB Layout.
- Returning origin to default position.
- Edit wire nodes in Schematic improvements.
- Printing negative in PCB Layout.
- Rotate text in part marking moving mode ("F10" mode).
- "Apply to" in pad properties dialog box.
- Selection of overlapping objects with several clicks.
- P-CAD PDIF import in Schematic and PCB Layout.
- Eagle Script and P-CAD ASCII library import.