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PCB Design Service

When you do not have time or proper resources to complete a project contact DipTrace Engineering Department. We provide the following services:

  • Designing single-, double- and multi-layer printed circuit boards
  • High density of component layout, subject to assembly conditions
  • Designing boards with analog, digital and mixed components
  • PCB routing for high-speed, including routing of differential pairs and impedance control routing
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  • RF Circuits
  • Designing boards for high voltage
  • Flex Circuits
  • Library creation

Design Service


Provide the following details to get a final quote:

1. DipTrace Schematic (.dch file), Schematic picture (JPEG,GIF or PNG) or netlist (Accel, Allegro, Mentor, OrCAD, PADS, P-CAD, Protel 2.0 or Tango).

2. Size of PCB, drawing is preferred for complex board outline (DXF or picture).

3. Mounting hole diameters and positions, component positions if required, trace-free areas (if exist), etc.

4. Trace width, clearance, via size, ring size, etc.

5. Number of layers (fixed or preferred).

6. Datasheets or drawings for non-standard components.

7. Your PCB manufacturer or his requirements and any other requirements.


At the end the customer receives:

1. DipTrace Schematic and PCB files;

2. Gerber and Drill files, DXF file (all files formatted to meet your PCB manufacturer's requirements);

3. Bill of Materials (Excel compatible);

4. Layout chart for assembly,

5. Pick and Place report (Excel format and / or text file);

6. Other documents, if requested.


Contact Us anytime and provide the information to get a quote.

Design process includes:

Creation of schematic file (if not provided by the customer)

Creation of a library with missing components

Schematic verification (ERC)

Importing Schematic or Netlist into PCB Layout

Routing layout (automatic and / or manual)

Comparing PCB Layout to existing Schematic

Routing quality analysis (DRC, Connectivity check, Impedance control, etc.), making necessary changes

Adjustment of DipTrace PCB Layout file based on customer comments

Creation of Gerber / Drill / DXF files for PCB manufacturing, checking files using DipTrace and third-party viewers

Preparing all documentation needed