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DesignCon 2018 – our winter tradition

Jan 22, 2018

Santa Clara, CA | Jan 31-Feb 1, 2018 | DesignCon 2018
DesignCon is one of the most important events in the electronic industry. This trade show is not only your chance to see the latest tech advances, but to have a pleasant chat with two members of the DipTrace team that will be waiting for you at booth#203.

DesignCon has become our winter tradition and a great opportunity to speak directly with our customers.
Find out more about DesignCon.

DipTrace 3.2 with the same net DRC

Oct 26, 2017

DRC same net clearance check | Improved object's highlighting and selection | New solder mask/paste options

DipTrace team announced the release of our new version – DipTrace 3.2.

Now you can automatically verify the clearances between various types of objects that belong to the same net. We also improved highlight and selection of overlaying objects in the PCB Layout, polished the length matching/meander placement tools and added some minor things to make DipTrace even more capable: always open/soldered option in the custom mask/paste settings for pads and vias, and Rotate/Flip groups in the Component and Pattern Editors.

Check out the full list of updates.
Download DipTrace 3.2. Update is free for all DipTrace 3.X customers.

DipTrace Professional for only 505 EUR

Oct 13, 2017

4000 pins | 8 Signal layers | Perpetual license and free minor updates | No board size limit |
Direct EAGLE Import 

Hey EAGLE users, awesome news for you! Switch from the subscription-based EAGLE to DipTrace Professional for only 595 USD. You get a perpetual license for the stand-alone easy-to-use software package, no maintenance fee, and our full PCB design toolkit with smart high-speed net and differential pair routing, full-scale 3D preview with STEP export/import and much more.

You can bring all your projects and component libraries directly from the EAGLE files. It can't get any better than that!

The learning curve is minimal, and the interface is concise and intuitive. Don't hesitate, download DipTrace full-featured trial version if you are not familiar with our software and see what it can do for you.

High-speed signaling and PCB stackup planning made easy with DipTrace 3.1

May 31, 2017

Length matching  |  Layer Stackup  |  Aligning objects  |  Import Altium ASCII  |  Import Eagle XML | New components and 3D models


We are happy to announce the results of our hard work – a new stable version of DipTrace which is a big step forward in high-speed net and differential pair routing.


The real-time length comparison table, length-matching rules for the DRC, and meander placement tool will help to make sure that all critical high-frequency signals or buses are properly functioning.


Layer Stackup table gives a comprehensive control over conductive and dielectric layers of the circuit board and ensures reliable communication between the PCB designer and CAM engineer.


We have also improved the Phase Tune tool and introduced the Align objects feature, permanent net highlight option and allowed for changing the measurement units with hotkeys anywhere in the software.


Our librarians have prepared 10,000+ new components and around 1,700 new 3D models.


Check out the "What's new" page for the list of updates.


Download DipTrace 3.1.

DipTrace 3.1 Beta with Length Matching and Layer Stackup

Mar 15, 2017

Length matching  |  Layer Stackup  |  Align objects  |  Import Altium ASCII  |  Import Eagle XML  |  

New components and 3D models

DipTrace team invites you to download the latest BETA version of our popular PCB CAD program and test all the new features that we have developed for you.

The length matching tool allows the user to route and edit copper traces according to required length and tolerance values that are recalculated in real time.

Layer Stackup Manager gives comprehensive control over conductive and dielectric layers of the circuit board and automatically generates a table for CAM engineers.

We have added some long-requested features: align components, permanent net highlight option and allowed for changing the measurement units with hotkeys anywhere in the software.

Download the Beta version Freeware or Trial.

Check out the "What's new" page for complete list of updates. 

DesignCon 2017 is waiting...

Jan 25, 2017

Santa Clara, CA | Feb 1-2, 2017 | DesignCon 2017

We proudly invite you to the DesignCon — one of the best trade shows in electronic industry. This year DipTrace is at the booth #209. We expect to meet our old and new friends and have a pleasant conversation about our new features. Be prepared for some interesting news regarding the upcoming release.

See you there! 

Nuovi orizzonti con DipTrace 3.0

Mar 10, 2016

Segnali differenziali | ODB++ | Gerber X2 | Hotkey personalizzati | Aggiornamento librerie componenti e 3D

Il team di Novarm è lieto di annunciare il rilascio di DipTrace 3.0. La nuova versione offre strumenti per una completa gestione dei segnali differenziali (routing a traccia singola e doppia, tuning di fase, verifica in tempo reale…), i nuovi formati di produzione ODB++ e Gerber X2 per migliorare il trasferimento CAD-CAM, e la possibilità di definire shortcut personalizzati per velocizzare le operazioni più frequenti. La lista completa delle novità (in inglese) si trova qui...

Scaricate e acquistate DipTrace 3.0. Per chi è già cliente, l’aggiornamento costa solo il 25% del prezzo pieno!

Disponibile DipTrace 3.0 Beta

Feb 18, 2016

Differential pairs | ODB++ | Gerber X2 | Custom Hotkeys | Updated component and 3D libraries

Since 2.9 Beta release we have significantly improved the overall performance of DipTrace. We added differential pair single-trace routing and editing modes that allow for easy handling of differential pairs on high-density circuit boards. Design Rule Check in 3.0 Beta verifies differential pairs for possible phase shift issues in real-time, based on the net class paramaters. DRC fully describes the nature of an error and provides certain rule details for changing routing constraints.

Phase Tune tool allows the user to fix phase shifts on differential pairs with semi-automatic meander placement tool. ODB++ and Gerber X2 manufacturing outputs improve the reliability of CAD-CAM data transfering, ensuring maximum understanding between you and a PCB house. Switching to DipTrace has never been easier with customizable shortcuts and vast importing capabilities.

Download DipTrace 3.0 Beta now. Check out "What's new" for a full list of improvements.

See you at Designcon 2016 in California

Jan 14, 2016

Designcon-2016 | Santa Clara Convention Center | Silicon Valley | January 20-21

DipTrace team is exhibiting at DesignCon-2016 trade show in Santa Clara, California. If you want to discuss pcb design, talk about DipTrace new high-speed signaling features, or simply have a chat in the environment breathing with electronics, you are welcome at the booth #203. Please find the detailed directions on how to get to the Santa Clara Convention Center at DesignCon official website.

Video Guide for 2.9 Beta

Aug 18, 2015

A new guided tour for version 2.9 Beta is available online. This quick video covers all the basics about using differential pair tools, customizing keyboard shortcuts, and exporting design to the new manufacturing output formats, plus some useful tips. These five minutes will help you to get the feel of the new features.

Click here to watch the video.